Looking for Last Minute Miata Stocking Stuffers? (FM Live 12-14-23)

Looking for Last Minute Miata Stocking Stuffers? (FM Live 12-14-23)

Looking for last minute gift ideas? Santa Mike has you covered! Join Santa's favorite helper as he give us 8 Miata gift ideas under $50. And if you just don't know what to get that Miata person in your life, don't forget about FM Gift Certificates !

NA/NB Oil Drain Funnel kit  

NA/NB Shifter Insulation Kit from DEI  

NA/NB Thread-in Oil Funnel  
NC/ND Thread-in Oil Funnel  
NA/NB Oil Funnel Adapter  
NC/ND Oil Funnel Adapter  

FM Delrin Weighted Shift Knob for ALL Miatas  

FM Onyx Door Bushings for ALL Miatas  

FM Onyx Oil Dipstick handle  

FM 3D Printed Miata Keychains  

FM Exclusive Limited Edition 2024 Calendar  

Don't forget FM Gift Cards are always available!


8 Last Minute Miata Stocking Stuffers: Gift Guide


As the festive season draws near, the anticipation of finding that perfect gift for the Miata aficionado in your life becomes an exciting pursuit. From practical accessories to delightful novelties, navigating the realm of Miata-themed presents can be a breeze with a little guidance. In a recent video presentation, Mike Usrey showcased a range of budget-friendly gifts ideal for Miata enthusiasts. 


Among the highlighted items, practicality seemed to take precedence. Starting with essential maintenance tools, the presenter introduced a simple yet ingenious oil funnel drain adapter.  Its hassle-free installation ensures a clean and efficient oil draining process, sparing any messy spills.


Continuing down the practical upgrade route, attention turned to shifter installation kits. These specialized insulating pieces, priced at $29.99, aim to replace the outdated, ineffective insulation, these kits promise improved heat and sound insulation under the center console, elevating the driving comfort for Miata owners.


The focus then shifted to accessories facilitating the oil change process. The oil fill funnel, available in two variants—a generic bottle style and a specific version for Red Line oils—stood out as a convenient aid. Priced at $9.99 and $24.99 respectively, these funnels promise an easier, spill-free oil replenishment experience, complementing the maintenance routine for Miata owners.


A standout among the showcased items was the shift knob upgrade, priced at $49.99. Crafted from Delrin with a steel insert, this knob offers both durability and comfort, catering to manual transmission owners across Miata models. Its ergonomic design ensures a pleasant driving experience while minimizing discomfort during extreme temperature conditions.


Another functional addition to the list was the door bushing pair set, priced affordably at $37.99. These 3D printed replacements for the factory door bushings promise to reduce door rattling and contribute to a stiffer chassis, alluding to a quieter and more stable driving experience, especially for older Miata models.


Beyond practical enhancements, the video also featured novelty items like 3D printed keychains, specifically designed to resemble various Miata models, priced at $4.99. These serve as charming tokens for Miata enthusiasts to proudly showcase their affection for these iconic vehicles.


A surprising inclusion in the gift guide was a 3D printed handle for the engine oil dipstick, priced at $9.99. This simple yet functional component offers a cost-effective solution to a broken dipstick handle, enhancing the ease of checking engine oil levels.


Closing the presentation with a delightful offering, the presenter unveiled a limited edition 2024 calendar featuring captivating Miata-themed images. Priced at a symbolic $0.01, this unique calendar serves as a cherished memento for the first 400 purchasers and promises a glimpse into the Miata enthusiast's world.



The presentation concluded with a reminder about the availability of digital gift certificates—an excellent alternative for those unsure about specific preferences or fitment for their Miata enthusiast friends or family.


In summary, the video provided a comprehensive guide to thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts tailored for Miata enthusiasts. From practical maintenance tools to charming novelties, these gifts cater to a spectrum of preferences within the Miata community, ensuring a rewarding and joyous holiday season for both gift givers and recipients. 

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