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NC/ND oil funnel adapter

NC/ND oil funnel adapter

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 Have a favorite funnel, but you're always scared it's going to fall out? Don't like a moving target? Maybe you use Redline oil, so you only kinda need a funnel. This is the tool for you. This mini-funnel threads into the valve cover, so there's no concern of it falling out. You can use it to hold your favorite funnel in place, or you can slip a Redline bottle into it - the inside of the funnel is the perfect fit for a Redline bottle. Either way, you'll have built-in air passages, so there's no chance of the oil burping back out of your funnel. Last but not least, this is 3D-printed in-house out of Onyx - a carbon fiber-infused nylon that's unaffected by engine oils (among other things).

The NC and ND Miatas use a "bayonet" style of threading that we've mostly* duplicated here. *Since we're not using an O-ring (we don't need to tightly seal the funnel), we use notches at the top of the thread. There might be a tiny bit of wobble, but not much, and it's not possible for it fall out. In order to remove it, you'll need to pull up slightly then unthread. 

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make some money from their hard work and ingenuity. This particular design is from Ollie Staples. Do you have a polished design you think the Miata community could benefit from? Please reach out to us at!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Easy to use. Less chance of spillage.

Robert M.
Funnel Adapter

Works great!

Chihong W.
Nice design

I bought one of these upon watching Mike’s YouTube Last Minute Stocking Suffers! The design is marvelous; however, the material is too thin and weak. I wonder the rigidity and the durability of this oil funnel. I will also be careful when purchasing 3D printing stuff again

We use Onyx to print these, which is a proprietary nylon that's infused with carbon fiber. While it might be thin, it's still plenty strong - we've been selling these funnels for years now, and we've never had a failure.

Jonathan M.
No mess!

This thing works great on my ND. Super easy to fill from 5 quart jugs now!

Mark W.
It works!

Plain and simple, it threads right into your oil filler cap threads. Pour oil through it, and save on oil sitting atop your valve cover and rotting out your coils. Worth every penny!