Like Soylent Green, Flyin' Miata is made of people. And those people are what make us who we are. When you're dealing with FM, you're not dealing with a big corporation - you're dealing with a group of passionate individuals. Flyin' Miata is even owned by its employees.

One of the things we're most proud of is how long people stay with us. We have a handful of employees who have been with us for more than two decades. Take a look for yourself!

Beth Thompson

Start date: May 2015
Shipping & Assembly Manager

Stuff does not get lost or broken on Beth's watch. When she has free time, she enjoys cooking, and is especially fond of authentic japanese cuisine.

Brandon Fitch, owner

Start date: Sept 2006
Director of R&D

We make Brandon do all the hard brain lifting. He recently built a garage that’s bigger than his house. It’d be larger yet but he ran out of space on the lot.
1990 stock
1996 FM II

Ethan O'Regan

Start date: Jan 2022
Customer support representative

Ethan has owned seven Miatas and is always looking for more because he likes pain. Can probably order food at a restaurant in Spanish as long as there are no follow up questions.

Current Miatas:
1992 Mariner blue manual swap with superior stock 1.6
2001 custom gray painted. turbo build will be finished in 2035
2001 crystal blue

James Brooks

Start date: Feb 1997
Data Operations Manager

James built our shipping department starting back in the last century. Now he’s our data wrangler , ensuring that we stay competitive and keeping the back end working properly. We keep James away from the cars because his mechanic skills are Lego based.

Jeremy Ferber, owner

Start date: Oct 2004
Director of Operations

Jeremy oversees the various parts of FM to keep us functioning like a well oiled machine. He’s also a big fan of horsepower. V8, turbo, it doesn’t matter as long as he can get time behind the wheel or under the hood!

John Kautz

Start date: May 2021
Shipping assistant

John has lived in Colorado his whole life and served in the Colorado Army National Guard as an Artilleryman. Loving husband and father, he's an avid outdoorsman and also really enjoys working on various vehicles. 

Keith Tanner, owner

Start date: Aug 2001
Director of Ecommerce and Systems

Keith is responsible for our internal systems and ecommerce software. On top of that, he’s our chassis and setup guru, giving Miatas the flowing suspension FM is famous for. He owns cars with engine sizes ranging from 1293cc to 429ci. 
1990 stock (#338 off the production line)
1990 with a 1.8 turbo
1990 Canadian car
1995 V8 beast (the Targa Miata)

Kian Manning

Start date: Feb 2022
Shipping assistant

Despite being a Colorado native, Kian is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and refuses to miss a game. When he isn’t at home wrenching on his Miata, he can be found rock climbing at local gyms or sharpening up his photography skills.

Miatas: 1991 with 10AE drivetrain swap

Kyle Tigar, owner

Start date: Jul 2011

Kyle is an ASE Master Tech who works exclusively on new product research & development after spending years building spectacular Miatas. The Colorado native just finished engineering while working on his 2003 Miata and adding to his substantial Hot Wheels collection! He’s a busy guy!

Leeanna Romero-Sanchez

Start date: Aug 2017
Purchasing and receiving assistant

Leeanna is a mother of four and YiaYia to three handsome grandsons. When she’s not handling Miata parts, she can be found spending time with family, watching her kids play sports, or baking up fresh, tasty goodies!

Makayla Darnall

Start date: May 2021
Shipping assistant

Makayla has a wild toddler and brings that same energy to our shipping department. She loves to climb 14ers and skydive and is a certified motorcycle mechanic. She spends her free time either adventuring or at our local Drag Strip as a part of a door car crew.

Matt Horn, owner

Start date: July 2015
Customer support representative

Matt has many years building crazed Miatas and kit cars in our shop. He’s co-owner and co-driver of his own V8 track and gravel hill climb Miata and continues to push the boundaries of how Miatas are modified.
1995 with a big turbo
2002 V8 hillclimb freak

Mike Usrey, owner

Start date: Dec 2013
Customer support manager

Mike spends his days helping out customers worldwide and overseeing our Customer Support Department. He’s been called the Bob Ross of turbos because he’s keen to install happy little turbos in every car he can get his hands on, but it might also have to do with his calming voice and presence on camera. Unfortunately, it's not the hair.
Miata: 2004

Nick Krause

Start date: Mar 2021
Customer support representative

He owns a 2000 SE Miata with our Stage 1 turbo kit, a 2008 WRX, 2005 Crown Vic Interceptor with a 5 speed manual transmission conversion from a Mustang, and two motorcycles.  He was also a fully-Ford-certified Ford technician for over five years as well as being a certified GTAW welder (also close to getting the certifications for SMAW and GMAW as well).  Nick tinkers with AutoCAD and operating Bridgeport mills and lathes. So, what do you do on your weekends?

Solomon Brown

Start date: May 2020
Shipping assistant

Solomon started with FM on May 4th 2020 which is fitting since he is a huge Star Wars fan. He spends most of his time in high school where he is actively involved in band, music and theater. He is also studying to get his pilot’s certificate.

Tami Brown, owner

Start date: Jul 2001
Purchasing/Receiving Manager

Tami has been with us forever. These days she does a lot of work behind the scenes to keep FM running smoothly. In her spare time her Miata gets a lot of miles as the “Mom Taxi”, attending Special Olympics, Civil Air Patrol, Judo and more!
Miata: 1992 Sunburst

Travis Ingram, owner

Start date: Jan 2019
Director of marketing

Travis is the guy to blame for all the photos and videos you’ve been seeing in your internets. When he’s not at FM, he’s usually behind the camera shooting professional photography, or behind the wheel looking for that perfect, curvy, quiet backroad.
Miata: 2019 RF