Flyin' Miata in the news

We've been handing our cars over to journalists for years. Here's what some of them had to say.

"I want to keep this.  I love it. It flows. It's got great balance, you can dance it back and forth or you can roll into the power and be screaming. This is just wonderful."
2016 V8 conversion, Smoking Tire, Nov 2016

"I don't think there's any other car on the road that has this much character...I wish I could convey how amazing this car is. This thing is just brilliant".
2016 V8 conversion. Brian Makse, April 2017

"This car's real cool. I like this power level very much!"
2017 turbocharged RF, Smoking Tire, Nov 2017

"It doesn't change the powerband, you just take the same thing and move it up 50".
2016 supercharged, Smoking Tire, Nov 2017

"It’s just more Miata, the MX-5 we adore, on amphetamines...It makes you wonder why no factory sells something like it, why the world’s V-8s find themselves chained to sprawling, heavy sports cars".
2016 V8 conversion. Road & Track, July 2019

"The Miata is arguably the most fun car in the world. Add forced induction, and that argument becomes an indisputable fact."
Four generations of Miatas with Flyin' Miata forced induction. Grassroots Motorsports, May 2019

"It's not different, it's just better".
2017 BBR turbocharged RF. Automobile Magazine, January 2018

"It ain't braggin' if you can back it up"
15 hour enduro of our turbocharged 2016. Road & Track, January 2018

"It’s like driving a factory machine."
2016 V8 conversion. Hot Rod Magazine, November 2017 (online), March 2018 (print)

"The GM Small Block is very likely the best engine in the world, and when you combine that with one of the best small chassis in the world, the results are so phenomenal it’s hard to put into words."
2016 V8 conversion., September 2017

5 reasons why we want Flyin' Miata's turbocharged Mazda Miata RF. Motor Trend online, September 2017

"Floor the car, and it just goes."
2016 BBR turbocharger.  Grassroots Motorsports Magazine, April 2017

"Dollar for dollar, if there's a more entertaining new car on the market, I'll eat my shoes."
Dozens of modified Miatas tested on track, including FM suspension and turbo kits. Road & Track Magazine online, January 2016

"Smaller and much more wild than a Corvette, it’s a sports car that will paint a smile on your face every time, whether on the road or the racetrack."
2016 V8 conversion. Motor Magazine, June 2017

"This thing is an animal, a savage untamed beast in a world of well-trained house pets. And it’s brilliant."
2016 V8 conversion. Top Gear Magazine, March 2017

"This is lurid, indecent, and practically ­pornographic acceleration."
2016 V8 conversion. Car and Driver Magazine, February 2017

"There's a lovely, fluid balance to it."
2016 V8 conversion. Henry Catchpole, Drivetribe, November 2016

"Viper pace but the approachability of a new Corvette. In a brand-new Miata. Let me take a moment and emphasize how wonderful that is."
2016 V8 conversion. Road & Track Magazine online, December 2016

"This is one of the most communicative, engaging, and enchanting cars I’ve ever driven."
2016 V8 conversion. Automobile Magazine, January 2017

 "It really is a glorious thing to drive."
1990 daily driver FM II. TopSpeed, August 2014.

"Despite our attempt to hit every imperfection in the pavement, the car retained its composure."
2016 with Fox suspension, Little Big Brake Kit and other modifications. Grassroots Motorsports, October 2016

"Flyin’ Miata has managed to find the perfect balance of power and handling that keep true to the real idea of what a Miata should be."
2006 Targa package. TopSpeed, August 2014

"Colorado tuner Flyin’ Miata has been doing this conversion thing for some time. It shows in this utterly modern automobile that has the friendly personality of a Miata, only with the dark soul of a V-8. "
2008 V8 conversion vs Shelby Cobra, Automobile, November 2013

"Eventually, it sort of turns into the world’s best video game."
FM II Exocet. TopSpeed, August 2014

"I have never had the keys to anything as well rounded and wonderful to drive as Atomic Betty. For lack of a better word, this car is essentially perfect."
2008 V8 conversion. TopSpeed, August 2014

"This V8 Miata is the best car I've driven all year."
2008 V8 conversion. Road & Track, June 2014

"It was a surreal experience to charge headfirst toward the top of the peak in a cross-country rally car".
2006 Targa package on Pike's Peak. TopSpeed, August 2014

"An Unforgettable Experience"
Summer Camp. TopSpeed, August 2014

"Elvis could be the best car I’ve ever driven, simply because it is the car that has made me smile the most. "
2002 V8 conversion, Hooniverse, October 2013 (skip to Leg 5)

"...a Habu feel(s) complete, as though it were built by a major automaker with a big R&D budget."
2008 V8 conversion vs Sunbeam Tiger, Classic Motorsports, January 2014 (not currently available online)

"It’s a valid alternative to a late-model Corvette, Porsche GT3 or Alfa Romeo 4C."
2008 V8 conversion, Grassroots Motorsports, November 2015

"I'm rewarded with the perfectly poised suspension and litheness of a stock Miata that just happens to have four times the power. I can't believe how perfectly drivable this car is in every way."
Driving the Targa Miata, Autoblog, October 2011

"We'd normally be dead-set against this sort of thing."
2002 V8 conversion Road & Track, May 2013

"First rate suspension components, a snick-able gearbox and an engine you can't break, all installed in a car that's about half a ton lighter than a Miata".
Peter Egan drives the FM Westfield, Road & Track, March 2008

"Tanner's car felt terrific."
Keith's home-built Lotus Seven replica, Car and Driver, August 2006

"It was simple, well thought out, nicely if not extravagantly built,marvelously well developed and unbelievably sweet to drive."
Keith's Seven vs the Ariel Atom, Grassroots Motorsports, October 2007

"This is what 4500 hp worth of V8 Miatas looks like."
Summer Camp report, Autoblog, Aug 2012

"Goats for turbos?"
 Autoblog, July 2011

"This was the quickest Miata we've ever tested."
Big turbo 2002 for the Superfour Challenge, Car and Driver Sept 2003

"We weren't surprised when Cardell drove the Flyin' Miata car back to Colorado after the competition. When a tuner car is faster and more fun than the original, wouldn't you?"
Highly modified Mazdaspeed for the Superfour Challenge, Car and Driver, Nov 2005 (no longer available online)

"This Miata retains all the charm and tossable nature of the stocker."
1990 FM II feature, Sport Compact Car, Oct 1998 (not available online)

"Turning a once-ratty Miata into a Viper killer."
Track Dog build feature, Grassroots Motorsport, Sept 2002 (not available online)

"..a complete kit wasn't nearly as expensive as it had first seemed".
Doubling the power of a Miata in a weekend with an FM II, Grassroots Motorsports, October 2008 (not available online)

"Warren's Miata delivers without disappointment."
Flyin' Miata built 471 rwhp Miata, DSport, April 2007 (not available online)

"The forefront of the Miata performance tuning industry."
1999 FM II, Sport Compact Car, December 1999 (not available online)

"Turbocharged over five years ago, The Dealer Alternative Miata was probably one of the first of its kind in the country."
1990 turbo, Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance, September 1995 (not available online)

"The acceleration is incredible and the car stays glued to the road regardless of what you ask of it."
Turbocharged Westfield, Kit Car Builder, October 2009 (not available online)

Racing Targa Newfoundland with the Flyin' Miata team - an Autoblog series.
The first problem - a broken arm.
Documentary announcement
Gearing up

The race
Meet your classmates
Technical difficulties
First stages
Stay on target
The final days

"I had greatly underestimated just how mental this type of racing could be."
The whole story of racing the Targa Newfoundland with the FM team, Autoblog, November 2011

"It’s  a  top-notch sports  car,  built  for  speed,  handling,  and all-around  performance. "
The initial Targa Miata build. Forever MX-5, issue 1

"The centerline weaved back and forth between our wheels as we howled along the road beside the water towards town. "
Targa Newfoundland 2008 race report, Forever MX-5, issue 4

"Mitsubishis and old Corvettes rubbed elbows with a vintage Camaro and a bright green Challenger."
Targa Newfoundland 2008 race report, Grassroots Motorsports, June 2010

Targa Newfoundland 2011 race report, Grassroots Motorsports, February 2012