Collection: NB (1999-05) : Brakes : Brake upgrades

What are all these packages?

  • Stage 1: upgraded stock replacements. This allows you to optimize your stock setup without changing any parts other than consumables. If you're just looking to service your brakes, this is a good start.
  • Stage 2: Our exclusive Little Big Brake Kit. Lightweight and stiff Wilwood calipers wrapped around stock size rotors. Maximum wheel fitment options, minimum weight, minimum consumable cost.
  • Stage 3: Big Brakes. Four piston Wilwood Dynapro calipers and two-piece 11" rotors up front, stock calipers on 11" rotors in the rear.
  • Stage 4: Stage 3 up front, but with four piston Wilwood calipers in the rear.
  • Stage 5: Like Stage 4, but with six piston Dynapro calipers instead of four piston. Maximum heat capacity for hard charging track cars.
NB (1999-05) : Brakes : Brake upgrades