Employee owned!

Flyin' Miata is an employee-owned cooperative. That means that it is fully owned and operated by us. Any employee who's been with FM for two years or more can join the co-op and help determine the direction of the business, no matter what their day-to-day role in the company. Everyone has the same vote. Meanwhile, daily operations are handled by the same team that's been in place for years and reports back to the co-op. The co-op is not trying to generate profits for shareholders or owners, it's almost all put back into the company. All members are looking out for the best interests of Flyin' Miata and our customers.

We didn't start off this way. We were originally a family owned business that was started by Bill Cardell. When he and his wife Teri decided to retire and sell the business after 37 years (yes, you read that right), that's when the employees stepped in. It was the best way for us to keep our values intact, so we worked for nearly a year to make the transition happen.

At the time the co-op was formed in November 2020, our members had an average of nearly 13 years of time with Flyin' Miata. This shows our commitment to our business, our customers and each other. We look forward to years of providing the best Miata parts and technical support in the industry!