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1.8 NA/NB oil filter drain funnel

1.8 NA/NB oil filter drain funnel

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The oil filter on NA and NB Miatas is a little bit of a headache to get to, but the bigger issue is the mess - you can slip a generic Tupperware under the filter, but it never catches all of the oil. Unless you look forward to the rust-proofing that oil on everything provides, you need a better solution. Fortunately, we have one! This custom drain funnel clips onto the stock oil cooler / warmer and catches all of that oil and routes it to your drain pan. We include a hose for the funnel, so you can thread it down, past the oil pan, and into your drain pan. The funnel is big enough to catch the oil without overflowing, and it's extended (away from the block) so that it will work with or without an aftermarket oil thermostat. No more mess! 

Since this clips onto the oil cooler / warmer that's missing from 1.6 (1990-1993) Miatas, this will only work with 1994-2005 Miatas. 

Recently updated for a tighter fit on the oil cooler and a more extended mouth to do an even better job of catching drips if your filter is farther away from the block than normal. Plus, there's a hole to hang it up! 

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make some money from their hard work and ingenuity. 

Customer Reviews

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Adam K.
Perfect funnel, needs a longer hose

I've been using a pet training mat to keep the oil spillage in check with my NB, but with this funnel I didn't spill even a single drop. Definitely worth it.

I would have wanted the hose to be slightly longer as another reviewer noted, maybe another 6 inches to a foot, to allow for easier routing. As is I had to jam it behind the undertray after removing a bolt. A better path is through the wheel well which is where you put your arm through to reach the filter anyway. I also added a zip tie to the hose because it wanted to slip off easily.

First use worked great, couple suggestions

Got to use this for the first time this weekend. Worked excellent, changed the oil filter with not a single drop onto the subframe below. Nice! A couple of suggestions, however. The tube probably needs to be just a little longer. I had my lower splash shield out for other things, and routed the tube in front of the steering rack. Worked fine, but I definitely do not want to be pulling the splash shield out every time I change the oil. It appears that the tube may be a bit short to extend down behind the subframe and lower control arm. I may have to try a different length of tube, maybe some clear tubing or something. Also would suggest the lower spout for the hose be just a touch longer. It seems like the hose will slip off easily once it gets oily inside. I may have to put a clamp on it to hold it in places, if I can't find a tube that fits a little more snug.

All in all it's a genius product!

Thanks for the suggestions! The hose is typically routed down by the oil pan, in the general vicinity of the drain plug, so it should work well for that. And we haven't had issues with the hose coming off, but a quick zip-tie there would secure it easily.

Works perfectly

I love this thing. It is a total game changer. Prior to this I had a oil filter relocation kit that ended up being a headache, braided lines that try to file away anything they touch, the mount on the firewall never fit quite right, it started sagging over time, etc. I took that off and now I just use this. Its cleaner than even the relocation kit was with none of the headaches. Crack the filter and walk away. Once its done draining there is nothing left but the lightest film of oil that cleans up with just one wipe, no drips, no mess all over the side of the engine, if you change your own oil this is a must have.

Greg H.
This is a great must have tool

I'm a noob to Miata's and before I did my first oil change on my 2004 LS I scoped it out and immediately saw a huge mess when the filter comes off. I've changed oil many times on other vehicles and knew what to expect. So I bought one of these before I did my first oil change on the car and man was it worth it. I captured the oil without a mess. I directed the tube between the steering rod and the cross frame. I might add a hose clamp to the fixture end as the hose wants to come off easily once it gets a little oil on it. It would make a huge mess if it came off while draining. I am very happy with this tool. Thank you FM!

John E.
No more mess

Just changed the oil in my NA. Nice to not have oil all over the place. Worth the money.