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Shifter insulation kit, NA/NB

Shifter insulation kit, NA/NB

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Your NA or NB Miata came with insulation around the shifter because Mazda knew it was a good idea - there's a lot of noise and heat that can come in through there, and some insulation is a great way to lessen it. However, that stock insulation doesn't stay together particularly well and it's not exactly new at this point. Best case, you have some scraps left, worst case, it's missing altogether. We worked with our friends at DEI to come up with this replacement. It uses their "Under Carpet Lite" insulation - it's a multi-layer composite material that minimizes heat transfer and deadens sound. Similar to the stock part, but much better! Easy install, just remove the center console, clean up the remaining shreds, and slip this into place. Includes two pieces to go around the shift boot and two pieces to go on top of it to maximize its effectiveness. 

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