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Flyin' Miata gift card

Flyin' Miata gift card

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Miata enthusiasts can be hard to buy for, we get it. Especially Miata owners with modified Miatas, when they start saying things like "it's a 1990 but has the engine from a 2004 Mazdaspeed with an FM turbo on the side and run by a hardwired ECU and the brake master cylinder from an early NB with a Mazdaspeed booster..." your eyes just glaze over and you decide to buy them socks instead. 

Don't settle for socks. Get them what they really want with a Flyin' Miata gift certificate. Our certificates can be used for anything in our catalog. We'll even send an email right to your lucky recipient to make it super-easy to use. It's not a physical card so you don't need to wait for anything to arrive in the mail and you can order at the last moment. Just forward the email to your lucky person. 

Or maybe you're buying for yourself. That's okay, we won't judge.

Available in values from $25 to $500. No fees, no surcharges, no expiration date, we don't share emails with anyone. Unfortunately, they are non-refundable.