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Replacement dipstick handle

Replacement dipstick handle

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04-36200 FM-PROUD

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The dipsticks on NA and NB Miatas have a plastic handle on top. That's good because it won't burn your hands when you go to check the oil, but they do break. Then you're either buying a new dipstick or you have to try to grab the little remaining stub every time you want to check the oil.

Until now! We have designed a clip-on replacement handle. It's made of carbon-fiber reinforced nylon so it's strong, it can handle high heat levels and it's easy to install. It also has nicely curved edges on it so it's comfortable to use, more so than the factory one! The hole in the middle is 1mm larger than stock for those with full-size fingers.

Note that while it's fun to clip the handle on and off again dozens of times to play with it, this will eventually weaken the attachment.

Made on our in-house high end 3D printer and designed by Flyin' Miata. Learn more about our printers and our Onyx material.

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