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Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob

Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob

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You only contact your car in a few places - the steering wheel, the seat, the pedals and the shifter. Changing any of these can have a surprising effect on how your car feels.

The knob is made of Delrin so it won't become scorching hot in the sun or transmit transmission heat to your palm, unlike aluminum knobs. It's slightly taller than stock to give you a little more leverage and to make the gates more distinct. We've also updated the design with a metal insert to add more mass to the knob so you have improved shift feel.

Weight (oz) Height (in) Weight (g) Height (mm)
NA/NB stock 6.5 oz 2.875"  184 g  73 mm
NC stock 8.1 oz 2.875"  230 g  73 mm
ND stock 10.7 oz 2.75"  303 g  70 mm
FM Cravenspeed 10.8 oz 2.57"  306 g  65.3 mm
FM Delrin 5.5 oz 3.125"  156 g  79.5 mm
FM Spiked 5.3 oz 4.0"  150 g  100 mm

Fits all Miatas! Well, those with shift knobs - sorry, automatic owners.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Patrick B.
Much better than stock

As others have mentioned, it's pretty... nondescript when you first unpack it, but it feels much lighter and freer than stock, and my shifts are a bit smoother. Well worth it.

Michael R.
Great simple shift knob, you won’t miss the weight

Try e leather stock knob was already getting sticky on me after just one year so I opted for this simple plastic shifter. It’s about half the weight as the stock knob and you really feel the difference when snapping through the gears. I had no idea that the extra weight in the old knob was contributing to mis-shifts until I tried this delrin knob. Highly recommend as an easy first mod.

Stupidly good

So, it really looks kinda stupid. It's simple plastic (or feels that way). It's not polished that much, it has that weird transition from sphere to stick. It's not glossy, it's not matte, it's not premium quality, when you unpack it you feel disappointed.

But damn that changes after you put it in place and drive it.

It feels right. It feels solid. It wants me to touch it, it belongs to the car and rhymes with it. Right size, right touch, right weight. Stupidly good to the point I can't internalize that.

The most joyful upgrade so far.

We can't really disagree. When we first saw it, our reaction was pretty subdued, but that changed completely after using it. We have them in a bunch of our personal cars because, like you said, it's the right everything.

No more grind

I wanted larger, heavier shift knob and ended up with the opposite when I bought this one. Taller and lighter than OEM, it seemed at first the only thing that liked this new knob was my wallet. Then my car liked it too as my misshifting and gear grinding issues have not returned since install. This knob exceeded my expectations and would recommend to those having the same shifting problems I used to have. It feels great, even though it's not wrapped like OEM (which would sometimes feel like a metal baton beating up my palm). I still have yet to feel this in the dead of winter, but I am more than pleased so far.

Very good feeling shift knob.

Stays cool to the touch even on the hottest days.