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Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob

Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob

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You only contact your car in a few places - the steering wheel, the seat, the pedals and the shifter. Changing any of these can have a surprising effect on how your car feels.

The knob is made of Delrin so it won't become scorching hot in the sun or transmit transmission heat to your palm, unlike aluminum knobs. It's slightly taller than stock to give you a little more leverage and to make the gates more distinct. We've also updated the design with a metal insert to add more mass to the knob so you have improved shift feel.

weight height NA/NB 6.5 oz 2.875" NC 8.1 oz 2.875" ND 10.7 oz 2.75" FM Cravenspeed 10.8 oz 2.57" FM Delrin 5.5 oz 3.125"

Fits all Miatas! Well, those with shift knobs - sorry, automatic owners.

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