Miata Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers!

Miata Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers!

Looking for last minute gifts for the Miata lover in your life? We've got the perfect stocking stuffers for you! Check out these affordable gift ideas for almost any Miata owner!

FM 2023 Calendar
12 months of Miatas, with awesome photography. No matter what generation you like best, or how you like to use your Miata, there's something in here for you.

FM Key Chains
Add some personalized flair to your keys with this FM keychain that matches the generation of your Miata. They are produced in-house on our high-end Markforged printers which uses carbon-fiber reinforced nylon, so it's strong enough to handle the typical abuse a keychain might see.

FM Onyx Door Bushings

Your doors are held closed by the latch, but they're locked into place with a bracket that slides over a rubber bushing. That makes it easy to align everything, but it means the connection isn't as strong as it could be. In a convertible, the doors provide a surprising amount of structural rigidity if they're properly anchored.
These replace the soft rubber door bushings with a stiff, carbon fiber reinforced nylon replacement. The door is solidly locked into place, allowing it to reinforce the chassis. The effect is of a stiffer car with fewer squeaks. We have measured a 3% improvement in torsional rigidity on a 1990.
Fits ALL Miatas.

AutoMeter Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure gauges are a dime a dozen, but how do you know you're getting a good one? Buy a product made by a trusted manufacturer from a trusted seller. This is a no-frills but quality tire pressure gauge with a bleeder to precisely adjust your pressure, a large (2.25") and easy to read gauge, a long enough hose (13.75"), and an easy to use chuck. Plus a protective case. 0-60 psi range - but why, when Miata tires don't go up to 60 psi? Because the gauge is most accurate in the middle of its range, right where Miata tire pressure lives. Plus, the larger range means it works for higher pressure tires you may have in the garage. With an accuracy of ±1.5 psi overall, it's ideal for most applications. A required tool for every tool box. 

NA/NB Oil Filter Drain Funnel

The oil filter on NA and NB Miatas is a little bit of a headache to get to, but the bigger issue is the mess - you can slip a generic Tupperware under the filter, but it never catches all of the oil. Unless you look forward to the rust-proofing that oil on everything provides, you need a better solution. Fortunately, we have one! This custom drain funnel clips onto the stock oil cooler / warmer and catches all of that oil and routes it to your drain pan. We include a hose for the funnel, so you can thread it down, past the oil pan, and into your drain pan. The funnel is big enough to catch the oil without overflowing, and it's extended (away from the block) so that it will work with or without an aftermarket oil thermostat. No more mess! 

NA/NB Thread-in Oil Funnel

NC/ND Thread-in Oil Funnel
Sure, you could do an oil change with a generic funnel. Heck, you could even do it with no funnel if you're a real daredevil. But why deal with a slow funnel that you have to hold in place or risk a mess when this funnel is an option? Our funnel threads in place of the oil cap, so it holds itself up. It also has the biggest bore possible, so it's impossible to dump oil (from a normal bottle!) in too fast. It also addresses an annoying drawback with funnels - their tendency to drop oil long-term. This funnel includes a base, so the funnel sits upright while it's being stored, with the base capturing the oil that drips down over time. Last but not least, this is 3D-printed in-house out of Onyx - a carbon fiber-infused nylon that's unaffected by engine oils (among other things).

Spill Free Coolant Bleeding Funnel

This funnel locks into your radiator cap so you can't get leaks and burps. It has a great big mouth on it so you can't miss as you pour coolant. It even has a plug that lets you remove an over-filled funnel without the usual Niagara incident that follows. All the bits and pieces pack up inside the funnel which can be closed off top and bottom so your funnel isn't full of spiders and dust when you go to use it.

DEI Door Sound Damping Kit

Miata doors aren't big relative to most car doors, but they're still big expanses of mostly flat sheet metal, which makes them very prone to resonance and rattling - knock on the outside metal and take note of how loud and rattly it is. This kit, like our sound damping kit, uses pre-cut pieces of DEI's Boom Mat sound damping material to absorb those vibrations and quiet down your interior. They also make a big difference to how good your music sounds (since your speakers won't rattle the doors anymore), and give a solid "thunk" when you close the door, as opposed to the normal rattle. Easy install, just remove the door panel and the plastic sheet behind it (watch that black goo, it gets on everything), firmly press the pieces into place, re-assemble, and enjoy your quieter car. Includes enough pieces for both doors (one kit = one car). 

MX5Things ND DRL Harness

This simple plug-n-play module allows your daytime running lights (DRLs) lights to remain on even after turning your headlights on, giving your car the appearance of fog lights. By default, when the headlights turn on, the DRLs turn off. (This module only works on NDs with LED DRLs, so it will not work for the Sport trim level, which uses incandescent bulb DRLs.)

FM Aluminum Lug Nuts (Individual)

FM Aluminum Lug Nuts (Set of 16)
FM Aluminum Lug Nuts (Set of 20)
Made of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy for high strength, fully threaded and light weight (~1 oz each), these are some high performance lug nuts. They use a 19mm socket for the best combination of strength and clearance. We even put the torque spec right on the side of the nut just in case you have a senior moment. Not that this would ever happen to you.
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