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Autometer tire pressure gauge

Autometer tire pressure gauge

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Tire pressure gauges are a dime a dozen, but how do you know you're getting a good one? Buy a product made by a trusted manufacturer from a trusted seller. This is a no-frills but quality tire pressure gauge with a bleeder to precisely adjust your pressure, a large (2.25") and easy to read gauge, a long enough hose (13.75"), and an easy to use chuck. Plus a protective case. 0-60 psi range - but why, when Miata tires don't go up to 60 psi? Because the gauge is most accurate in the middle of its range, right where Miata tire pressure lives. Plus, the larger range means it works for higher pressure tires you may have in the garage. With an accuracy of ±1.5 psi overall, it's ideal for most applications. A required tool for every tool box.