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Spill-free coolant system bleeding funnel

Spill-free coolant system bleeding funnel

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What is it about coolant that makes it so easy to make a huge mess? Seriously.

If you share this problem, it's time to solve it once and for all. This funnel locks into your radiator cap so you can't get leaks and burps. It has a great big mouth on it so you can't miss as you pour coolant. It even has a plug that lets you remove an over-filled funnel without the usual Niagara incident that follows. All the bits and pieces pack up inside the funnel which can be closed off top and bottom so your funnel isn't full of spiders and dust when you go to use it.

Sure, you can make it work with other generic funnels. But if you're tired of dealing with the mess, the answer is here.

This WILL work as-is on our Crossflow radiator and with the ND engine. This isn't necessarily true of other kits, as we specifically modify ours in-house to ensure proper fitment.

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