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MX5things DRL harness

MX5things DRL harness

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This simple plug-n-play module allows your daytime running lights (DRLs) lights to remain on even after turning your headlights on, giving your car the appearance of fog lights. By default, when the headlights turn on, the DRLs turn off. This module only works on NDs with LED DRLs, so it will not work for the Sport trim level, which uses incandescent bulb DRLs.

This module has two available configurations that can be selected by installing or removing a jumper on the module circuit board. The default configuration (jumper installed) will keep the DRLs at 100% brightness regardless of whether the headlights are on or off. The alternative configuration (jumper removed) will keep the DRLs at 100% brightness while the headlights are off but will reduce the DRLs to 50% brightness with the headlights on. The jumper can be reinstalled if you ever change your mind about which configuration you would like to use. Just be sure not to lose it.