Collection: Flyin' Miata Wheels

The right set of wheels can make a world of difference to your Miata's look, ride and handling. But that's good and bad - a set of heavy wheels or ones with the wrong dimensions can lead to decreased ride quality, dulled steering and rubbing.

With this in mind, we are happy to show you our Flyin' Miata exclusive wheels: Kogeki and Tobu. They are both engineered specifically for Miata use. Light to maintain the Miata's nimble feel, but strong enough to withstand hard driving.

Tobu forged wheels

Tobu means "to fly" in Japanese, so it seemed like an appropriate name for our flagship wheel. Forged wheel for maximum strength and minimum weight, the 17x9 is under 15 lbs and rated for 60% more load than stock Miata wheels! They're so strong we offer a limited lifetime structural warranty. It is primarily intended for the ND, but will fit other cars. 

Kogeki flow-formed wheels

Kogeki means to strike or attack! These wheels are flow formed, which is a production method that gives some of the benefits of forging without the price tag. Again, we aimed for a slightly higher load rating than usual for track wheels to ensure they can withstand as much abuse as possible. We even knurled the lip to avoid tire slip when you exercise your horsepower. We offer them in a range of sizes to fit all Miatas. 

Want to know if our 15" wheels will fit your ND? Maybe... Check out this article for the details.