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Kōgeki 15x8 flow formed wheel

Kōgeki 15x8 flow formed wheel

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Kōgeki means "attack" in Japanese - seemed appropriate since these are intended for attacking your favorite corners, whether they're on a track or your favorite backroad.

These flow formed wheels are exclusive to Flyin' Miata and built for us by a major wheel manufacturer. They're high-pressure cast for less porosity, then the rim is spun-forged. They were designed specifically for the NA/NB Miata to ensure clearance for all FM and stock brake setups and for the perfect fit under the fenders. Because we know they'll be used hard, they're rated for 550kg (1213 lbs) of load instead of the more standard 500 kg (using J2530 JWL standards). They also have knurling to prevent tire slip.

And seriously, just look at them. Yummy.

The 8" wheels will fit fine with stock-format springs. A 205/50-15 is the ideal size for most and will fit NAs and NBs with no fender modifications. 225/45R15s might need a little bit of fender roll - it's possible you won't need to roll anything, but you should be prepared for the possibility. Obviously, the use of wheel spacers will affect this fitment. The wheel has a stupendous amount of brake clearance, which you can check for yourself using our printable template.
15x8 wheel template

Centering rings aren't required, as the wheel will center on the taper of the lug nuts, but centering rings do make installation a tick easier.

You can use stock lug nuts and chrome sockets, but it's close - 21mm impact sockets probably won't clear, 19mm impact sockets (as used with our 19mm lug nuts) probably will, but be careful. Chrome 19mm sockets should have plenty of room. 

If you choose to upgrade your wheel studs (recommended if spacers are used or if the car will see extreme use), the 1990-93 NA6 uses 0.507" studs on all four corners. Other NAs and NBs use 0.579" on the rear and 0.507" on the front.

Note that wheels are sold individually, so make sure you order 4.

Also available as a 15x9


15x8: 12.4 lbs, +36 offset, 67.1 mm hub bore

We recommend that any wheel used on the track be inspected regularly for cracks and fatigue as part of proper maintenance. 

 Want to know if these will fit your ND? Maybe... Check out this article for the details.  


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What does it fit?

Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2004 MSM, 2005, 2005 MSM


Emissions do not apply.


1 year



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Andrew B.

Fitment is great I like how they sit on the car. I don’t have coils just bilstein struts and oem springs. Sits nice. No rubbing or scrubbing.

Best Looking Wheels in Town!

It seems like everyone’s just running black wheels these days, I hate black wheels! You can’t see them, it’s just so blah! (unless you like black wheels, I guess, ha ha). These were exactly what I was looking for sharp looking wheel in a classic finish, perfect for our MSM!!

Brandon M.
Not just for Miata's!

So, recently I was looking for a set of reverse staggered wheels for my DC2 Acura Integra GS-R. I was looking to run a set of 15x9's up front (because wrong-wheel-drive) and 15x8's in the rear. I've already written a review for the 15x9's, so I'll keep this about the 15x8's. Being a long-time Miata junkie, I turned to FM for my Honda (err, Acura). The 15x8 +36 rears cleared the rear trailing arm without an issue! Even though I'll be running the 15x9's in the front, just for the record, the 15x8's would clear the front knuckle with ease- essentially having a pretty much perfect offset for an old double wishbone Honda, making these wheels perfect for a square setup on these cars! The wheels are gorgeous and appear to be of high quality. There's a good chance I'll be ordering an extra set soon!

I understand you guys are a Miata company, and I've ordered plenty of parts for my old Miata's from you guys over the years, but just figured I would give some feedback for the guys that might cross-shop on the 4x100 Honda front! You inadvertently made one of the only sets of wheels on the market that would work almost perfectly for the common reverse staggered 15x9 F 15x8 R setups commonly found on old wishbone Honda's, and these 15x8's alone would make for a great- near perfect square setup, likely with no modification needed, at least on a DC2! Thank you!

We love all kinds, we're happy to hear they worked so well for you!

Mick R.

I ordered these in the afternoon two days ago and they’ve already arrived via Fed Ex, just 48 hours, amazing! They look even better in person, gorgeous bright chrome finish and best of all, they aren’t black like almost everything out there these days. Black wheels basically disappear and don’t add any soul, can’t figure out why they’re so popular…
I appreciate all the little details and assistance in selection from the Flyin’ Miata team, as always! Even waited for FM’s live ‘wheels’ event online to confirm details. I paired with 225/50/15 RE71RS tires, within .4” of the stock tire, closest possible (2005 Mazdaspeed that was on 17” wheels).

Great set of wheels

I needed a set of new, light wheels for track use and went with the 8 inch width to ensure I would not have any clearance issues on my NB1 or MSM. They were delivered promptly, as usual, and looked great coming out of the box. I paired them with some 225/45ZR-15, Hankook Ventus RS-4s. I've had one great track day already and while I'll give most of the credit to the tires, the combination worked perfectly. I did comparison shop with other options but settled on these for the looks, light weight, value and trusted engineering from FM.