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Kōgeki 17x8 flow formed wheel for ND

Kōgeki 17x8 flow formed wheel for ND

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Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 Fiat, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 Fiat, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 Fiat, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 Fiat, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF

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Kōgeki means "attack" in Japanese - seemed appropriate since these are intended for attacking your favorite corners, whether they're on a track or your favorite backroad.

These flow formed wheels are exclusive to Flyin' Miata and built for us by a major wheel manufacturer. They're high-pressure cast for less porosity, then the rim is spun-forged. They were designed specifically for the ND Miata for the perfect fit under the fenders. They clear non-Brembo stock calipers as well as every upgrade brake option we sell. You can use our template to check clearance against other brake setups.
Kōgeki 17x8 ND template

If you have the Brembo brakes, you'll need a 5mm spacer to clear the caliper with this wheel. Even with that spacer, 225/45-17 tires should clear the stock fender fine. A 235/40-17 might be okay, but is at a higher risk of interference, depending on the specifics of your setup. Without the 5mm spacer (if you have not-Brembo brakes), you should still be fine with the 235. Remember that we recommend stronger wheel studs with a spacer thicker than 3mm. 

Because we know they'll be used hard, they're rated for 550 kg (1213 lbs) of load instead of the more common 500 kg to give some extra margin (using J2530 JWL standards). They also have knurling to prevent tire slip under extreme conditions. 

And seriously, just look at them. Yummy.

You can fit a 225/45-17 or 235/40-17 under unmodified fenders on the 17x8. If you add spacers, you are more likely to need fender modifications (check notes in Brembo paragraph). We recommend stronger wheel studs with any spacer thicker than 3mm. The wheels are compatible with stock lug nuts but light wheels deserve light lug nuts!

Note that if you have especially wide 235/40-17 tires (such as the Toyo R1R, which is almost 1/2" wider than other 235s), you might experience slight rubbing on the front lower control arm at full lock. This is more of a polish than a hard contact (no structural damage will happen to the tire or control arms), but be aware that it's a possibility. 

These are fully compatible with factory TPMS sensors, as well as the sensors we sell. And likely most others, although we can't guarantee that for sensors we haven't tried ourselves.

You can use stock lug nuts and chrome sockets, but it's close - 21mm impact sockets probably won't clear, 19mm impact sockets (as used with our 19mm lug nuts) probably will, but be careful. Chrome 19mm sockets should have plenty of room. 

Note that wheels are sold individually, make sure you order 4! Can be used on an NA or NB but you will likely need a 10-20 mm spacer for optimum fit depending on tire size.

Also available in 17x9. 


17x8: 15.95 lbs, +45 offset, 67.1 mm hub bore

We recommend that any wheel used on the track be inspected regularly for cracks and fatigue as part of proper maintenance. 

***Note that we've replaced the gloss black with satin black. We do have a few gloss black on hand as replacements, but we won't be getting any more complete sets. 

Customer Reviews

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David O.
Kogeki 17 x 8 with BF Goodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S plus....

So I wanted more tire width and all-season capability and I am not a competition driver by any means.. Went with the Kogei's and they look great! With the 225 x 45's there is no rubbing. They are 8.8" wide and have a nice profile on the Kogekis with some protection on the sidewall to prevent curb rash. The are 0.7" larger in diameter than stock but look great on the wheels. The Kogeki's are light and seem to be about the same weight with the bigger tires as the stock rims with the smaller stock Potenzas. Great wheel. Still have STOCK suspension......

Peter M.
17 x 8 Kogeki Wheels

I purchased the Kogeki 17 x 8 wheels and mounted the Toyo Proxes R1R 235/40R17 on them and they do rub! So I additionally had to purchase the 5mm wheel spaces to eliminate the rub.

This one had us scratching our heads for a bit. It turns out that the R1Rs that Peter used are about .4' wider than other 235/40R17s, so they did cause some minor rubbing / polishing on the front lower control arm (as noted, now, in the description).

Ashton S.
FM Kogeki 17x8 Wheels Deep Silver

Purchased these for my 2022 Miata RF GT and I couldn’t be happier. They look fantastic in Deep Silver with the Soul Red Crystal paint. If you’re worried about fitment, don’t panic. I fit 235/40R17 tires and they are the perfect fit for the car and there is no rubbing at all. Thanks FM, I love them!

Great Kogeki Wheels

Overall I am very pleased with the purchase, the flying Miata shipment was quick And the packaging was top notch. The wheels look great on the car. 17x8 size, bronze running 235/40/17