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NB shock conversion kit

NB shock conversion kit

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The 1999-05 NB Miata is an evolution of the 1990-97 NA platform. Mazda improved the suspension with a redesign of the upper mounts, springs and shocks. This gives improved isolation from NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) and a different variety of shocks. Lucky for the owners of early Miatas, these parts bolt right in.

This conversion kit includes everything you need to install a set of NB shocks and springs into your NA Miata: four of our improved bumpstops (not shown), four upper mounts, four upper bushings and washers and four lower bushings and washers. The picture only shows one set. 

The ride height will be very close to the design height of the springs, possibly slightly taller. As an added bonus, you can assemble everything before you start working on the car as you will replace everything you take off!

Not intended for use with NA shocks or springs, as the earlier shocks have a shorter shaft and the rubber bushings of the later design will not allow good thread engagement of the upper nut. The ride height would also be affected in that case, with a loss of both ride height and suspension travel.



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