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Improved bump stops (pair)

Improved bump stops (pair)

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What does the bumpstop do? It's what cushions your car on the big bumps when you get to the end of your suspension travel. It's basically the last part of your suspension travel. Miatas - especially NAs and NBs - spend a lot of time on their bumpstops, so they're a pretty important part of the suspension.

Strongly recommended for all 1990-97 Miatas - the stock bumpstops are terrible. The stock bumpstops on NB and NC Miatas are similar to these, but suffer degradation with time and can actually crumble to dust. Swapping in a set of these stops on the rear of an early ND will give improved travel and decrease the chance of snap oversteer. Mazda moved to a stock bumpstop that is closer in design to this one on the RF and on 2018+ soft tops.

We include these with our NA and NB Koni shocks (and rear ND), something you won't find anywhere else. NA/NB/NC chassis get four, NDs get two. We also include them with our NA and NB suspension kits that include Konis. ND Koni suspension kits include these for the rear. These are different than the V-Maxx bumpstops, but are a great replacement for those shocks. 

54mm in length. We think it's a good length for a Miata at a typical lowered ride height, such as with our FM springs. A shorter, stiffer bumpstop will allow more travel before you start to hit the stop, but it also means a more abrupt transition on to the stop and that translates into decreased ride quality and less consistent handling.

Sold in pairs. Two pairs are needed per car. Please note that these won't work with the Mazda dust boots, which we typically don't reuse anyway. 


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Customer Reviews

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Slightly better than stock

My 2001 NB with 205k miles and Mazdaspeed shocks (not sure how old/mileage on the shocks) wasn't a huge improvement. The material is better, but my stock bump stops were only slightly worn (some more than others, so honestly it is probably an improvement). I havent hit the bump stops much yet, so I cant say much for the performance

Transformed suspension

I installed these bump stops on my rear shocks. I am running Koni shocks on the lowest perch, stock springs and FM sways set full soft both front and rear. This has been my setup with stock bump stops for the past 14 years. The rear has always been harsh, had to run the Konis at 1/2 turn to stay off the bump stops, even then hit them regularly, a harsh ride. With these, I'm at 1/4 turn rear, 1/2 turn front and it feels like a new suspension, much more compliant. I could tell immediately that the shocks have much more travel. I may do the fronts later, OK for now.


Got these with my FM springs for my V1 Bilsteins and they work great! Excellent ride quality over the speed bumps.

Great Bump Stops

Installed these recently on my 93 NA along with FM NB Lowering Springs & MSM Bilsteins. Excellent ride quality, even on uneven pavement, with a very noticeable handling improvement.

Maneki N.
Highly similar to the Mazda NB 60.5mm Bump Stop in Force/Displacement Testing

These bump stops have a force/displacement curve that similar to the Miata NB 60.5mm bump stop, in a stop that is about 6mm shorter. If your car is lowered that provides an addition 1/4" before the bump stop engages, with almost same dynamics as a contemporary stop. Microcellar urethane is a far superior material to rubber for these stops, and is almost universally preferred to rubber in this application. If you are still using the stock, rubber bump stops on your NA you will find that these give you more grip in a sweeping turn and are more comfortable. Mazda doesn't use rubber for bump stops anymore, if you have the option, neither should you.