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FM V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers - Sport package for NB

FM V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers - Sport package for NB

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Improved! The rear shocks now have offset bushings for extra clearance between the spring and the halfshafts. This gives you a wider range of height adjustment. We have also gone to a single long front spring to give maximum travel without coil bind.

Our V-Maxx Classic suspension is very popular, but theres one thing missing from it: adjustable damping. So we worked with V-Maxx to bring an adjustable set to market. They call it the XXtreme.

The XXtreme Sport package comes with 391 lb/in front and 258 lb/in rear spring rates. Its a decent all-around setup - stiff enough for track and autocross use, firm but useable on the street. Those are the same rates used on our non-adjustable V-Maxx Classic shocks. If youd like a track-oriented setup with 25% stiffer spring rates, check out our Track Pack for the same price. The springs are also available separately if youd like to have multiple sets on hand.

So what makes them work?

The adjustable shock damping is well-matched to the springs. A 1/2" shorter rear shock body gives extra compression travel for improved ride and handling, even at lower ride heights. Since the spring perch is adjustable, you have full control over ride height and cornerweighting. The spring rates are 391 lb/in in the front and 258 lb/in in the rear, which gives a good handling balance.

The stock upper mounts are retained. They have a two-year warranty.

Not compatible with FMs rear upper mounts, as this combination provides more compression travel than the suspension can physically deliver. We recommend the use of factory upper mounts only.

Customer warning: Flyin' Miata is the exclusive US distributor for Miata V-Maxx suspension. Kits from elsewhere will not have a warranty nor will they have the correct spring rates. Buyer beware!



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Emissions do not apply.


2 years


13-16255 1999-05

Customer Reviews

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Response to Jeff

Dear Jeff,
Your shocks are under the car for 3 years, under the load. doesnt matter if you dont drive it, they are there and working. The same thing happen to brake line, and fuel line, if you dont use the brake, saying i never used my brakes ever, the line will clog up, it is not a defect in the product, if you dont use it you lose it. like your muscles.

My overall review, owned for about 3 years.

So I purchased these coilovers 2/14/2018. From the out the box they were a nice set up. The install was super smooth. I don't daily my Miata, it is my weekend car. In the three years I have owned this suspension I have put only about 7,500 miles on them. I have only done one autocross session with them in the three years. As of recent I have discovered that one rear shock is blown and the other is having trouble changing the dampening. This is pretty disheartening because these are $940 coilovers kits that only have 7.5k miles. The front shocks are still working great with the dampening knob still working. As for the rear they don't click as nicely.
My car stays under a shaded spot and doesn't see snow as I live in Florida. I have a 1 inch fender gap between the tire and the fender. So having to spend about $300 on replacements (two) is not really what I expected out of a $940 set up. You expect that a track suspension option would last longer then a $600 classic set. I know all other coilover companies offer the same 1 year warranty, but that doesn't do any good for the user who rarely drive their cars.
Overall nice set up but take the time to read reviews on other suspension. Might but looking at other options because that $300 price tag to replace shocks is pretty high.

Great improvement after installation

One week in from installation and so far so good! Definitely made a HUGE difference on my stock, 200,000+ mile, 02 NB2. To be fair, the factory sport shocks were probably shot to begin with, so it's hard to really gauge how much of an improvement was gained from factory parts... but in my case the difference is absolutely dramatic. It rides on rails with the recommended height and rebound settings in the installation manual. It's still settling, so I know the height will drop a bit more in the next week or so before I do another adjustment followed by alignment. Really happy so far with the results though.

Great package

Installed these on my 2000 and ran autocross all of 2019 along with Amish country cruises and a few longer trips. They feel amazing and can provide more than I am capable of needing right now. A year later and I still agree I made the right choice.

Jett B.
Amazing coilovers for the price

Bought these coilovers for my 2003 NB, install was very straightforward and the kit comes with everything you need. Between taking the old set out, putting these in and getting ride height right, you're looking at about 8 hours of work.
I was genuinely surprised by how comfortable they were on my first drive. You're absolutely going to feel bumps and crappy road surfaces more but it's not jarring or harsh if you have the damping turned down, but body roll is almost non existent. I've put about 500 miles on them through city streets, long freeway stints and bashing through my hometowns county roads, some buttery smooth and some like washboards.
The spring rates are excellent, just stiff enough. The car is a little more prone to understeer than before but I have Flyin' Miata sway bars, and a little messing around with those does the trick, of course that all comes down to your handling preferences. With the damping turned up the car becomes a little monster, the ride is very very firm but the handling is honestly better than any other car I've driven. It turned my body rolling goof ball Miata into a serious daily drivable racer, and the best part is once you've had enough you can turn the damping down in about 2 minutes. All in all it's a great, all around, no compromise set up. Tons of thanks to FM!