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FM V-Maxx Sport / Classic extended front spring

FM V-Maxx Sport / Classic extended front spring

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If you're having trouble with coil bind on your V-Maxx suspension with helpers on the front, here's the solution. These 200mm (8") springs replace the stock 140mm (5.5") primary springs as well as the secondaries to allow for more coil movement. The rates are the same as the Sport suspension.

These are the standard springs on all V-Maxx Classic and V-Maxx XXtreme Sport starting in November 2018. If your front suspension does not have helper springs, these are the springs you have currently.

These are strongly recommended for Mazdaspeed Miatas and 2001-05 models due to the weight. This also goes for any car that has experienced a front weight gain with forced induction or is looking for a tall ride height.

Sold individually, two required per vehicle. Not compatible with stock suspension, fits V-Maxx suspension only! Not required for the Track Pack spring set.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely worth the upgrade from the dual spring setup.

Absolutely worth the upgrade. I had an older set of the Vmaxx classics with dual springs on all 4 corners. Before I would bottom out my front end over speed bumps and bounce. These new springs keep me from hitting bottom and bouncing back and the ride is much more comfortable in general. I'm so glad I decided to change to these springs, I wouldn't go back.