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FM oil filter relocation kit (NA and NB chassis)

FM oil filter relocation kit (NA and NB chassis)

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Oil filter relocation kits are nothing new. But most don't meet our specifications. This is our second generation. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, so we don't like to take chances.

We wanted to keep the oil pressure high, so large AN-8 fittings were used with braided stainless steel teflon-lined hose and all fittings were chosen for minimum restriction. The cheap blue hose often used for oil lines in other kits will degrade over time and can cause a number of leaks. The oil filter block was designed for maximum flow - attention was paid to the shape of the internal passages to both improve flow and cut down on noise. The block is also mounted with isolators so the typical gurgling noise is not transmitted into the cockpit. It was given a backing plate for maximum strength and even includes an oil supply fitting that can be used to easily feed a turbocharger. Of course, both the block adapter and the filter block are machined aluminum, not brittle cast aluminum.

If you wish to use the 1/8 NPT fitting to supply oil to a turbo, you will need a 1/8 NPT to -4 AN union. This union is included with 1996-05 turbo kits but not the 1990-95 ones.

The oil filter is moved to the firewall for easy access. Snug fit on cars with ABS, may require some brake line bending. Non-ABS cars have no problems. Fitment is tight on the Mazdaspeed MX-5.

Fits NA and NB Miatas. This kit will work fine with our oil cooler kits, but they should NOT be plumbed together - install them according to their respective instructions, and don't change the hose routing, and it will work fine. 



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Customer Reviews

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Decent but...

I've had this on my NB1 for a few years and I must say, there can be some improvement. Sure it doesn't leak which is a good sign, but when it comes to changing the oil, the filter is a nightmare to remove. Not because of the location and space (removed the washer fluid because racecar) but because of the fittings bend and snap from trying to remove the filter. After lubing the gasket, it still seems to stick on there and is near impossible to remove. Back to the bolts that go into the firewall, those tend to snap and bend a lot, best to replace those with the same thread pitch bolts that actually hold the adapter on well instead of these rubber things. The price also has been jumping up too. If you plan to get this, please be aware of the rubber bolt things it comes with, let alone, please be aware that the filter will be stuck on there, even after lubing the gasket.


Appearance is high quality, however after months of going back and forth with customer service this ended up as a huge loss. Defective parts were sent and many weeks were spent debating whether or not return refund or store credit was due after failing to produce working parts that were not defective. I cannot recommend this part and honestly after all of my lost time and effort I'm struggling to purchase anything else from FlyingMiata for my project.

Note from FM: We have changed to a local supplier for machined parts to address quality concerns. We hope you'll come back!

Paul M.H.
Buy it at your own risk. I wish I hadn't.

Many problems with this kit. First of all, one of the braided lines arrived damaged and leaked upon startup. Sent it back and FM replaced it. Next problem was that the braided lines are on the short side and barely clear my Skunk 2 manifold. Third problem is that the rubber mounts have failed one by one. I'll have to fabricate a bracket or remove the remote filter kit ( again ). Most of FM's stuff is very good, but this has been a huge disappointment.

Definitely recommend!!

The quality of the components are FANTASTIC. Excellent job and paid great attention to detail. On my 97 NA everything fit nicely together. I was able to install the remote location as shown in the images for the product with ease. The rubber hose to protect other wires and hoses from the metal braid was a nice touch.

I did my first full oil change with it on (other than then I installed it) and it was AWESOME how easy it was. I have bigger arms and couldn't fit my arms under the intake manifold to get to the filter. I also have an Aluminium Aero tray on the bottom side and removing that is not something I want to do every time I do an oil change. This kit makes an oil change LIGHT WORK.

There is no additional noise in the cabin as far as I can tell. Not sure if a good idea or not but I threw some heat resistant thread sealer on all the fittings and hoses, gave it a gentle test drive around the block, checked for leaks and then RIPPED IT hitting 7K RPMs more than once, checked for leaks. Nothing. 2 weeks later and still no problems.

I did read after the fact of some people having issues with SIGNIFICANTLY reduced oil pressure with similar kits as a result of fitting angles and such but as far as I can tell no dramatic changes here. Unfortunately with the dummy oil pressure gauge I wouldn't really be able to tell unless i was getting absolutely no pressure.

Great looking product

Looks awesome and fit perfect