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FM oil filter relocation kit (NA and NB chassis)

FM oil filter relocation kit (NA and NB chassis)

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Oil filter relocation kits are nothing new. But most don't meet our specifications. This is our second generation. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, so we don't like to take chances.

We wanted to keep the oil pressure high, so large AN-8 fittings were used with braided stainless steel teflon-lined hose and all fittings were chosen for minimum restriction. The cheap blue hose often used for oil lines will degrade over time and can cause a number of leaks. The oil filter block was designed for maximum flow - attention was paid to the shape of the internal passages to both improve flow and cut down on noise. The block is also mounted with isolators so the typical gurgling noise is not transmitted into the cockpit. It was given a backing plate for maximum strength and even includes an oil supply fitting that can be used to easily feed a turbocharger. Of course, both the block adapter and the filter block are machined aluminum, not brittle cast aluminum.

If you wish to use the 1/8 NPT fitting to supply oil to a turbo, you will need a 1/8 NPT to -4 AN union. This union is included with 1996-05 turbo kits but not the 1990-95 ones.

The oil filter is moved to the firewall for easy access. Snug fit on cars with ABS, may require some brake line bending. Non-ABS cars have no problems. Fitment is tight on the Mazdaspeed MX-5.

Fits NA and NB Miatas. This kit will work fine with our oil cooler kits, but they should NOT be plumbed together - install them according to their respective instructions, and don't change the hose routing, and it will work fine. 

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