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Wilwood 11" Spec 37 front brake rotor (NA NB ring only)

Wilwood 11" Spec 37 front brake rotor (NA NB ring only)

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14-16905 SLOT-37


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Flyin' Miata big brake kits use 2-piece rotors specifically designed for this application. The center of the rotor - the "hat" - can be reused over and over, but the rotor ring will eventually wear down and require replacement. This replacement is the same high-end Spec 37 iron as used on our kits. It could be used with other vendors' brake kits that come with 11" Wilwood rotors.

Sold individually. It is strongly recommended that you use new rotor hardware.

Fits NA and NB Flyin' Miata Big Brake Kits with black caliper brackets. It is not compatible with NC or ND FM Big Brake Kits or the older Racing Brake two-piece rotors that used eight bolts to attach the ring to the hat - purple or blue brackets. It also can't be used to upgrade the extra-old single-piece rotor BBK (with red brackets).