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Water pump (1.8 BP engine)

Water pump (1.8 BP engine)

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Quality replacement water pump. Not a bad idea to do when you're doing a timing belt. One year warranty. The brand may vary, but we only use quality products that we're willing to put in our own vehicles.

We've searched high and low for a water pump with a cast impeller and they no longer exist as far as we can tell. We have tried multiple different sheet metal impeller water pumps and only carry the best of those, as they're certainly not all created equal. We've also consulted with our friends at Meziere (water pump pros) about a CNC-machined impeller and they were of the opinion that we wouldn't do much better than this, regardless of how much we spent. So rest assured that this is an excellent water pump with great performance and long life. 

Includes gaskets and O-ring.

Fits Miata engines only, not other BP applications.

Be aware that you might have slightly limited travel on the tensioner with this water pump, resulting in a tight timing belt install (it's not overly tight during operation, just installation). It's inconsistent, but worth the risk for the improved performance. Easy clearancing (of the tensioner arm or water pump housing) can solve this problem if you're unable to get the timing belt into place easily. Ask us if you have any questions. 


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Emissions do not apply.


1 year


09-26000 1994-05

Customer Reviews

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Michael M.
Very disappointed

Do not buy this, it's literally just a Gates water pump and it's on rock auto for $30. Screw you FM for selling it twice the price and making it seem like this product was a nice fancy one.

We're sorry you feel this way. You're right that it's a Gates pump, which is the only brand we've found to still have a good impeller design. And Rock Auto most likely has it for less, much like their customer service and Miata-specific knowledge is much less. They certainly haven't analyzed many different brands of water pumps to find the best design.

Tim I have come to expect from Flying Miata!

As always, product was delivered quickly. Opened box and fund quality product (better than the OEM one I had seen at dealer). Unfortunately, retrieving my MazdaSpeed from winter storage has been delayed due to "lockdown" so installation on hold for now.

High Quality Pump

High Quality Pump with cast impeller. Went on without issue and included gaskets all installed with no leaks.

Great Waterpump

Comes with everything you need to swap out your water pump. Recommend this is purchased along with their timing belt kit.

Great part from the best source

High quality pump from a trust worthy source (Flyin' Miata). Gives me some confidence I won't have to do the job twice in the next 60K+ miles.