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Wastegate bracket for GT2560R

Wastegate bracket for GT2560R

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The GT2560R comes with the compressor inlet pointing up (with the turbine inlet flange vertical, as in our kits), but our kits need it to point down - enter this wastegate actuator bracket. This allows you to rotate the compressor housing so that it points down, but retains the same wastegate actuator. There no need to buy a new actuator, plus it's pretty easy to choose an actuator that won't work properly. This bracket is made of heavy gauge stainless steel, so it won't crack or flex - there's a lot more force there than you might think, and a flexy bracket means poor boost control. This is a good upgrade for older kits with wastegate actuator brackets that have been welded. 

As included with our turbo kits and intercooler upgrade kits. Works with the Garrett GT2560R only. Sorry, toy car not included.

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