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Washer nozzle kit, fan pattern, 1990-2005 (pair)

Washer nozzle kit, fan pattern, 1990-2005 (pair)

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The stock windshield washer nozzles are okay, but they each have only two little streams pointing at that giant (ha!) windshield. We've always preferred the fan style nozzles that do a better job of getting cleaner over the entire windshield, and now we have a pair that drop right into the hood of your Miata. They do aim slightly high, but not enough to cause a problem, especially if you're moving. Get your windshield completely clean, not partially clean. 

If you have a 90-93 car with the original lines, be aware that fitment of these nozzles can be really difficult. If you pick up the NA maintenance kit (below), it'll be an easy install. Your parts aren't exactly new at this point, so it's a good idea for all cars, regardless of what year your car is. 

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