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Washer nozzle kit, fan pattern, 1990-2005 (pair)

Washer nozzle kit, fan pattern, 1990-2005 (pair)

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The stock windshield washer nozzles are okay, but they each have only two little streams pointing at that giant (ha!) windshield. We've always preferred the fan-style nozzles, which do a better job of getting cleaner over the entire windshield, and now we have a pair that drops right into the hood of your Miata. They do aim slightly high, but not enough to cause a problem, especially if you're moving. Get your windshield completely clean, not partially clean. 

While these fit all 1990-05s, the fitment on 1990-97s is a little more challenging due to the nozzles having shorter barbs. Thus, it takes some additional effort or light modifications to the hose to get everything hooked up. On top of that, if you have a 1990-93 car with the original lines, be aware that the fitment of these nozzles can be really difficult. If you pick up the NA maintenance kit (linked above), it gets rid of that headache and make the install easy. Your parts aren't exactly new at this point, so it's a good idea for all cars, regardless of what year your car is. 


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Customer Reviews

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Game changer. Now I can wash the windshield properly!

Josh L.
Works better than stock, but does aim high

These do provide a more even spray, but they aim a bit high and tend to miss the lower corners. At highway speed it's better, but stopped at a light it's noticeable. Other than that they're better than stock everywhere else and a worthwhile upgrade

Andrew B.

Bugs been pretty sticky this spring. Replaced my nozzles with these and get a lot better spray. Spray is a little high but if you are driving (even the stock ones shoot into the cabin at a stop) it’s a non issue


perfect fit

Sprays water at least

2002 NB, 110k miles and stock washer system.

These washer nozzles are slightly smaller than the standard which is great, just wipe down the area before installing.

The washer nozzles are indeed a fan shape, but more akin to a garden hose with your thumb barely over the top. The stream hits the center third of the windscreen about halfway up. The drivers side windshield wiper wipes the fluid away but the fluid only covers half the wiper blade, making a very nice clean streak in an otherwise half-still-dirty windshield.

Went back to stock nozzles, looking for other car models that have the same fan or even misting system instead.

These do aim slightly high, but we've been very happy with them otherwise and have received lots of good feedback. We reached out to Bryan to try to diagnose their situation, but, after one reply, never heard back. We're happy to continue this conversation if you'd like, just let us know.