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VVT intake cam 2nd generation seal installer tool

VVT intake cam 2nd generation seal installer tool

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Don't take a chance on a bad seal installation. This tool slips over the end of the cam and drives the seal to the perfect depth.

Our new tool is made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon. This avoids any potential scratches to the metal surfaces of the engine. It's also less likely to get dented or gouged while bouncing around your toolbox, which minimizes the chance of damage to the rubber seal.

Printed on our Markforged printer out of Onyx materal. Not only is Onyx strong, it's also highly resistant to chemicals such as oil and gasoline - unlike many other materials used in additive manufacturing. This new production method allows us to bring the price down while improving the part at the same time!

A Flyin' Miata exclusive. For the intake cam on 2001-05 VVT engines. Not required on the 2004-05 Mazdaspeed.

Customer Reviews

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Great idea but needs higher infill

I'm a very big proponent for additive manufacturing and I'm also a big fan of the Markforged Onyx choice for this part. My only issue is unfortunately it could use a higher percentage of infill for longevity. I've used mine 3 times now and the face that the bolt threads into has already began to buckle. I feel this could be fixed with a little more infill during the print process, but unfortunately mine did fail and I had to resort to finishing the seal install with some light persuasion. Overall this is a fantastic idea and I look forward to how the next iteration comes out.

This tool has been good for us, but that's a good suggestion - thanks! We'll move to denser infill and see how that works.