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Verus flat underbody panels for ND

Verus flat underbody panels for ND

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Improve your Miata's efficiency! Mazda did a decent job of smoothing the underside of the ND, but there are still some gaps. These flat panels are shown to decrease drag by 10 points, leading to a higher top speed and better fuel economy. Okay, it's not a massive change but every bit helps. These should also help drive your diffuser.

Made of powdercoated 5052 aluminum. Simple installation. Sorry, it only fits cars with manual transmissions.



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Emissions do not apply.


1 year



Customer Reviews

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Spacers don't clear stock exhaust

Panels are easy to put on if you're familiar with rivet nuts. Trouble is, the short spacers make the car very loud from rubbing on the exhaust part that connects to the downpipe, and the long spacers just barely touch. I went with the short ones at first and it didn't damage the exhaust, but did carve a little divot in the panel. The long spacers are better, and make things quiet again, but when it is cold it sometimes rattles real bad. I also had to knock a flange back a bit near the cat to avoid rubbing. All in all, I do believe I saw a significant mpg boost above 70 mph. I do daily drive my miata, so that was the real reason for it. I can now go 85 mph and the computer claims to be getting 35 mpg. That's pretty good in my book. Before I couldn't get a over 31 at that speed.


I had to buy 15 mm nylon spacers on Amazon to clear my Flyin' Miata mid-pipe. The included 10 mm spacers will rattle loudly. I also had to buy M6 x 1 (25 mm long) bolts as the included hex bolts easily strips at the head. Recommend torque is 75 in lbs where nlyon spacers are located. Otherwise, the spacers will crumple. Overall, I really like this product. Install was easy. I would recommend this product. You may have to buy hardware if you have an aftermarket mid-pipe.