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Verus Engineering Sound tube delete

Verus Engineering Sound tube delete

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Clean up your engine bay! Manual transmission NDs come with a "sound tube", designed to transfer intake noise to the interior of the car. It's a bit of a goofy deal for a lightweight sports car. And you just know some of those hard plastic parts are eventually going to get brittle and break on you, which will cause a check engine light and the potential for foreign object damage in your engine.

Delete it with this simple kit! Insert the 6061-T6 aluminum adapter into the intake tube and attach the valve cover vent. Pop the plastic cap into the hole left in the firewall. Enjoy a 1 lb weight savings and a cleaner area underhood!


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Customer Reviews

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Earnie D.
Sound tube delete.

It’s much quieter than before which is what I needed as I’m on the phone a LOT!

Easy to install and works well

Yeah, the interior cabin sound tube effects were fun for a month, but they got to be a little grating. This ND sound tube delete kit was an easy install and fit perfectly. The car is still loud on wide open throttle, (as it should be), but around town driving is easier to live with now.

Too bad the sound tube is not an option... I doubt Mazda would sell any!

For my '18 ND, I ordered the Delete, at the same time I ordered the rear sequential turn signals, AND the LED cool white interior and trunk bulb. All plug-n-play, so it made for an exciting 1/2 hour of labor! There was more work in pinning the trunk carpet back in place, than there was putting parts on!

Now, I have bitchin'(sorry Dave K.) and updated lighting, and with the Delete, I've no more annoying engine noise that didn't do anything but, well, annoy. What's the point of a Bose stereo system, if the engine noise bleeds all over it? I can now lower the volume level to 30, when it needed 45+ before!

The best part of all? My 10mm socket was "right there" the whole time...

Easy installation and vast cabin noise reduction

As a proud owner of a 2022 Miata RF GT, I recently decided to upgrade my driving experience by opting for the Flyin Miata Sound Tube Delete. The results have been nothing short of impressive.

First and foremost, the most noticeable difference after the sound tube delete is the significant reduction in cabin noise. Previously, driving at higher speeds meant battling against the roar of the engine and wind noise, making it challenging to enjoy conversations or even hear the radio. However, after the modification, there has been a remarkable 10-20 decibel decrease in cabin noise levels. This means that even at 85 mph, I can comfortably listen to the radio without having to crank up the volume to compete with the engine noise.

Before the sound tube delete, my cabin dB levels averaged around 95dB, which could be quite overwhelming, especially during long drives. With the Flyin Miata modification, the dB levels have dropped to a much more manageable 77dB, creating a more serene driving environment. This reduction in noise has not only enhanced the overall driving experience but has also made the cabin feel more refined and luxurious.

With a noticeable decrease in dB levels and a newfound ability to enjoy the finer details of my car's interior, I highly recommend this modification to any Miata owner looking to elevate their driving experience. Thank you, Flyin Miata, for providing such a fantastic product that has truly transformed my driving experience for the better.

Easy peesy install

Ordered to install with the verus oil/air separator as it is required for that install. It was the simple to install and really helps declutter the engine bay quite a bit. I have an aftermarket smooth intake elbow and it installed perfectly without any fuss and matches the shiny black silicon tubing. I would strongly recommend it, oil/separator or not.