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Verus canards for ND

Verus canards for ND

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You've seen canards - also known as "dive planes" - before. If done properly, they're a great way to add a chunk of downforce. Done poorly, you add a bunch of drag without any real benefit.

These are done properly. They're not a generic canard that can be bolted to anything from a Camry to a Corvette, they're specifically designed for the ND Miata. They add downforce while reducing drag by cleaning up the airflow around the front wheels. Yes, lower drag and increased downforce is possible. This is not marketing hand-waving, it's based on CFD analysis of the ND body like all Verus products.

The canards provide 60 lbs of downforce at 100 mph and remove 10 lbs of drag at the same speed.

They're made of real carbon fiber with no gel coat and include stainless hardware. Paper templates are included to make sure you get the perfect alignment. Includes a pair of canards, enough for one car. A great match to the rear diffuser.

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Jason k.

These were a snap to install with the supplied paper template, i was really suprised at how rigid they are and how well mounted they feel, no sqeaking or rattles, they look way cooler in person, pictures dont capture them well? Highy recomend them👍🏻🤘🏻