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Vent-to-atmosphere upgrade kit, 2554 & 2560 (VTA)

Vent-to-atmosphere upgrade kit, 2554 & 2560 (VTA)

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This kit converts our current setup (Turbosmart Kompact bypass valve) from a recirculating setup to a vent-to-atmosphere (VTA) setup. Includes an air filter, 34 mm plumb back fitting to replace the 20mm fitting that's on your setup now, and a new compressor inlet hose that doesn't have a recirculation fitting (but still has a noodle for the valve cover breather). This kit reuses your existing valve - the most valuable part! 

Note that this kit WON'T work with turbo kits that still use the stock ECU, such as our Stage 1 turbo kits. 


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