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MX5things 3rd brake light flasher, universal LED

MX5things 3rd brake light flasher, universal LED

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Fits: Universal

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

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You're driving a Miata. There's an Expedition behind you. Make sure they know you're stopping! With poke-home terminals, this flasher has universal fitment in any setup using an LED 3rd brake light, including LEDs that replace incandescent bulbs. Not for use with incandescent bulbs.

Two options are available:

1. The accelerometer option's built-in accelerometer (go figure!) will flash only during hard braking, 0.6 G or greater.

2. The flash delay option will flash four times when brakes are activated, but with a timeout of 10sec, it will not flash in stop-and-go traffic.

These are a great option for NAs, NBs, NC soft tops, and Fiats. We carry plug-and-play options for NC PRHT cars as well as all NDs. 

*Note that the Hotwheels is for scale only, and isn't included.