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Upgraded PCV valve

Upgraded PCV valve

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A replacement PCV valve for both boosted and naturally aspirated cars. Deals with boost better than the stock parts. Direct replacement for NA models and the Mazdaspeed. Other NBs can use it if the hose is changed.

Note that this is very similar to the factory unit for the Mazdaspeed, so it should be considered a replacement instead of an upgrade for that car.

Customer Reviews

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Not the same factory one that I had

Correct, as the title states, this is an upgraded PCV valve. It's a Mazda part, from a 323 GTX, which is turbo charged from the factory. This means it has a stronger spring, which works great on all engines, whether they're turbocharged or not. Note that the shape is identical to the 1990-1997 and 2004-2005 Mazdaspeed Miata PCV valve, but it's different from the 1999-2005 PCV valve. It'll still work fine on the later cars, but it will need a longer (not custom) hose.

Angel P.
Pcv valve fits very loosely compared to stock

I replaced the valve this one has a very loose fit over the pcv hose and also the gromet on the valve cover on my NA 1.6 Miata

We spoke to Angel and determined that his hose was old and enlarged. Once he replaced that hose the fit was great. We'd be happy to have him update this review if he has the opportunity.

It’s a PCV valve

Works like a stock valve, but better.