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Turbosmart Kompact recirculating bypass valve

Turbosmart Kompact recirculating bypass valve

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This little bypass valve is a tiny, lightweight little thing - great for packaging into tight spaces. But it's a quality unit that seals better than anything else we've tried. It's also quieter than most valves. We've tested it at up to 15 psi on a GT3071.

Custom made for Flyin' Miata!

1 3/8" (34mm) inlet and 3/4" (20mm) outlet with all-metal construction. Included in all new Stage 1 and Custom Spec turbo kits and Mazdaspeed complete intake kits. Includes 3 feet of 3/4" hose for hook up. Please note, this is not compatible with a Mazdaspeed Miata using a stock throttle body inlet pipe.

Intended for use as a recirculated valve. We also have a version with a larger 34mm outlet and a filter that is intended for vent to atmosphere (BOV/blow-off valve) use.