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Turbo oil supply kit for 1996-05 blocks (bag 4B)

Turbo oil supply kit for 1996-05 blocks (bag 4B)

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As used in our turbo kits. This gives you a pressurized oil feed for your turbo while retaining the oil pressure sensor. Fit 1996-05 blocks except for Mazdaspeed. Earlier blocks and MSMs should use our 1990-95 kit, although they can use this one as well. -4 AN line with no restrictor. Note that this is intended for FM kits - while it will likely work on other kits please don't assume without checking the lengths. 


  • Fitting to go into the block (1/8 BSPT male to 1/8 NPT male)
  • 1/8 NPT brass tee (the brass will deform to account for the slight mismatch between NPT and BSPT threads)
  • Male -4AN to male 1/8 NPT union
  • 56" stainless braided line
  • One -4AN 90 degree fitting
  • 18" of rubber fuel hose (to keep the stainless braid from chafing through things in the engine bay)
  • Two 3/8 pinch hose clamps (to retain the rubber fuel hose)

If your turbo does not have a male -4AN flare on top, you will need one. We can supply a 7/16-24 inverted flare to male -4AN fitting, as used on our Garrett GT2560 turbos (search for 27-12211). This does not include any sort of restrictor as we've not found it necessary with our Garrett turbos over the last 20 years.

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