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Turbo heat shield for NA and NB chassis

Turbo heat shield for NA and NB chassis

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02-20560 NDP


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Protects your brake master cylinder, throttle cable and coolant lines from the heat of the turbocharger. Also cleans up the engine bay a little by by hiding the turbo. Easy installation, it bolts to the chassis of the car.

Fits all Custom Spec and Stage 1 (previously known as FMII and Voodoo II) turbo systems (sold after 2005) for the NA and NB chassis. Also fits our DIY manifold/downpipe combo. Compatible with cruise control, our shock tower brace and our proportioning valve kit. Made from stainless steel. Does not fit over the stock MSM turbo.

Included with all complete turbo systems. Optional on our custom-spec turbo kit.

Customer Reviews

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Looks and works great!!

Really impressed with this product. The look and fit are top notch, and more importantly it made a huge difference in isolating the heat from the clutch and brake reservoirs!