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NA/NB turbine outlet (downpipe upper section)

NA/NB turbine outlet (downpipe upper section)

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One of the sexiest pieces in our turbo kits.

We've found that fabricated downpipes are most prone to cracking right at the turbo. So a few years ago, we moved to a cast upper section. This is much more robust and solved the cracking problems. It's no coincidence that when Mazda designed the Mazdaspeed turbo system, they used a short cast turbine outlet as well.

In order to minimize turbulence and maximize the flow out of the integrated wastegate, the two exhaust streams are kept separate. This is nothing new, divorced downpipes have been done before. But instead of a complex, difficult to install and fragile fabricated unit, we handled the flow management inside the casting. We even added a wall to ensure there was no interference inside the turbo housing itself. All of our castings are now cast and CNC machined in the USA for the highest quality and consistency.

Compatible with all FM turbos that use a Garrett turbocharger and included in all new systems. Earlier cars with a one-piece downpipe will also require the lower section, but cars already equipped with a turbine outlet casting can use their existing lower section. Older sleeve bearing turbos will require a couple of holes in the outlet to be enlarged.

Includes all studs and mounting hardware. Does not fit the stock Mazdaspeed turbo.

While we'd suggest matching this with one of our downpipes (the hardest part of the exhaust to build yourself), if you'd like to build one yourself the bolt circle on the bottom of the outlet is 3.675" (center-to-center). All bolts are 90° apart, and the ID of the outlet is 2.5". 

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