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Trunk Lid Popper for ND

Trunk Lid Popper for ND

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Fully open your trunk lid with the press of the open button - no more popping slightly open, then pulling it up the rest of the way. Convenient when you have to open the trunk of the car with your hands full. Note that the trunk lid can sit slightly proud of the fenders when closed, thanks to the pressure from this kit. 

This kit may not work with extra weight on the lid, like a heavy liner, luggage rack, etc.

Not compatible with the Fiat 124.

Made by MX5Things.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dan H.
Nice upgrade

Installing these took about 15 minutes, including the time spent studying the instructions. Super simple.
The action of the trunk is really cool, it almost looks hydraulic. Money well spent if you hate juggling and dropping groceries while trying to open the lid.

Gary A.
Great first or second upgrade.

Second upgrade to my new ND right after a short antenna. Way easy and makes a huge difference when "popping" the trunk now.

Does exactly what it should.

3 minute install thanks to the video. Pop the trunk and the trunk pops... why didn't Mazda do this? Only complaint is it's a little hard to shut the trunk now, you have to push down with some force to ensure it latches, can be a little tricky with the Club's lip spoiler. And you end up leaving finger prints on the trunk.

Works perfectly

Installed in 5 minutes and works perfectly. The install video was much better than a written instruction.

Lee M.
Trunk Lid Popper Bliss

Very cool add on for hands free trunk opening. Super easy install in moments with just a screw driver. A must have for full trunk opening with a push of a button. Get it and you will be glad you did.