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TPS upgrade kit for NA6

TPS upgrade kit for NA6

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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

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Warranty: 1 year

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The stock throttle position sensor on the original 1990-93 1.6 cars - the NA6 - that came equipped with a manual transmission is a very simple device. It's really just two switches, one for idle and one for wide open throttle. That's not a lot of information.

More modern ECUs prefer actual throttle position information. We recommend an upgraded TPS for both the Hydra Nemesis and the FM221. This allows the ECU to give better idle control and respond better to very light throttle inputs, as well as faster response to throttle changes throughout the range. Basically, it works better!

This is a bolt-on TPS upgrade that's exclusive to Flyin' Miata. The new TPS plugs straight into the stock wiring harness, and the FM adapter bolts to the side of the throttle body. It couldn't be easier. The FM 221 has all the necessary wiring on board. Other ECUs such as Megasquirt may need wiring changes between the ECU & the TPS plug for correct operation. (see instructions).

For use with all aftermarket ECUs that allow for a 0-5v linear TPS signal. Not for use with the simple stock ECU.

The basic kit does not include a TPS. We offer a genuine BMW TPS as an option, or you can supply your own. We've found the non-OE knockoffs to be of questionable reliability, so that's your call. You need BMW part 13-63-1-721-456 or equivalent.

Does not fit with an NB intake manifold. In that case we recommend you use a factory NB throttle body and TPS. Some supercharger setups that move the throttle body to a different location in the engine bay may also experience fitment issues. Not necessary for NA6 Miatas with automatic transmissions as those cars came equipped with a linear TPS from the factory.

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