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TPMS sensor for NC/ND Miatas

TPMS sensor for NC/ND Miatas

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Replacement tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors for your NC or ND Miata. Perfect for a second set of wheels or replacing a dead or damaged sensor. Please notice that not every NC or ND will need these, as the use of wheel-mounted pressure sensors has varied through the years. Some years TPMS was only offered as an option and other years Mazda used a different type of system that did not use wheel sensors. Here is the breakdown:

2006-2007 TPMS was offered as an option.  2008-2015 All Miatas came equipped with wheel-mounted pressure sensors. 2016-mid 2018 - Miatas did not use wheel-mounted pressure sensors (pressures were calculated based on wheel speeds). mid-2018 - current - All Miatas came equipped with wheel-mounted pressure sensors. The part number changed in April of 2019, but this part will work with both versions. 

If you have a 2006-2007 or 2018, to figure out if your car has wheel-mounted pressure sensors, check your valve stems. If your factory valve stems are aluminum instead of rubber, there is a good chance that you have TPMS sensors.

These fit our Kōgeki and Tobu wheels perfectly. 

These sensors do not require programming.

Sold individually, 4 required per car.