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"The Big Wang Kit" by 9Lives Racing (2016+)

"The Big Wang Kit" by 9Lives Racing (2016+)

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The wing shape that Nine Lives offers is crafted by those with experience in racing events like the 24hrs of Le Mans and the Indy 500. The "Big Wang" is an effective yet affordable extruded aluminum wing for the Miata that can produce incredible levels of downforce without killing top speed. Exactly what racers are after. With a best-in-class 15.2:1 lift to drag ratio, nothing else comes close. There is also built-in gurney flap relief for downforce adjustments in seconds. 

Light aluminum construction.  ~0.2lbs per inch, means the ND airfoil weighs only 13.6lbs! (weight does not include end plates) Gurney flap ready  Up to 15.2:1 lift/drag ratio low drag = more top speed! American made  Track tested  AOA (angle of attack) adjustable

What's included.

68" wide Wang sized to the ND Miata.    NLR “basic” end plates 10"x8" Wing mounts- welded at 40"  ND Uprights Stainless steel hardware

Check out the CFD data table that shows the performance potential of the wing based on the settings and optional upgrades such as gurney flaps or a dual element. Note that the table is based off a 70" wing.

Please note that drilling into the trunk lid is required to install this part. These wings come bare. Paint, powder-coat, or vinyl wrap all work well, but if you don't coat it the surface can degrade eventually, not to mention that it can be very bright for those following you. You could leave it bare, but blinding your opponents sounds like an unfair advantage to us. 

Unlike Nine Lives and other vendors, if we show stock, they're physically in our building and will ship within a few days (typically the same or next day). Free domestic shipping from us as well, so no worries about shipping that big box across the country. 



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