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Reinforcement kit for front sway bar mount, ND

Reinforcement kit for front sway bar mount, ND

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ND Miatas can actually rip their sway bar mounts off the subframe under hard cornering with uprated sway bars. The fix is a new subframe. That's an expensive repair!

We worked with Paco Motorsports to bring this solution to market. They're a simple bolt-on upgrade with no drilling that will increase the strength of your sway bar mounts dramatically. Made of powdercoated steel and less than a pound of extra mass on the nose of the car, they're cheap insurance. Easy to install whether you're doing a sway bar swap or not. Works with all sway bars that have at least 10mm clearance radially from the center of the lower stud holding the sway bar bracket - it would be unusual to have a fitment issue, but it's possible if you have an especially unique setup. 

So when do you need this kit? The conservative answer is "when you upgrade to stiffer sway bars." The longer answer is that if you have stiffer springs (like our FM springs), you'll probably be fine with the stock stuff. But why risk it?

Customer Reviews

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C h.

Take your time and get all bolts and the sway bar loosely installed, then tighten sway bar first then other bolts after.
Didn't need extra washers as things bolted down flat in that order.

The horizontal bolts have almost no threads in the receiving part. Stripped out with probably 10 lbs of they are kind of

Not exactly sure about how this part physically reinforces things (cant wrap my head around how that tiny tab and bolt transfers force to the rest of the product), but hope it does.

We're sorry to hear that the horizontal screws stripped out, that's unusual. Maybe the brace was tightened fully to the subframe first, leaving the brace farther from the face that those bolts go through than it should've been? We'll reach out to try to sort it out.

As for how it works, imagine something pulling straight up on the sway bar, trying to rip it off of the the subframe. That's what's going on here, this brace is helping hold it down so nothing fails. The Stage 2 version of this kit is definitely more solid, but this still works great and is (mostly) universal, whereas the Stage 2 kit will only work with our sway bar.

Good Idea, Needs a Revision

Like a few other reviews, the tab bolts are angled a little weird so when they get torqued down they begin to deform. After removing and reinstalling to lube the sway-bar bushings again, the tab bolts deformed noticeably more. Probably a matter of time before they snap.

Had to add some fender washers

Not quite a perfect alignment. Felt there was way too much play after installation with the front bolt hole. Ended up adding some fender washers to act as spacers to eliminate flex.

Disappointing fitment for price

The bracket seems nice, but the bolts with the tabs are weak, welded crooked, and don't line up with the bracket well. One tab bolt bent significantly at 20 ft-lbs: how I interpreted "snug". I am concerned about being able to reinstall the tabs next time I lube the bushings.

fitment issues

Like the other reviewer, I feel the forward hole on this bracket is not quite in the right place, causing one bolt to not be square. FM tech support was not very helpful.... On the plus side, this bracket is way cheaper than the other alternative part that I was able to find.