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Front Sway bar mount reinforcement kit for ND

Front Sway bar mount reinforcement kit for ND

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ND Miatas can actually rip their sway bar mounts off the subframe under hard cornering with uprated sway bars. The fix is a new subframe. That's an expensive repair!

We worked with Paco Motorsports to bring this solution to market. They're a simple bolt-on upgrade with no drilling that will increase the strength of your sway bar mounts dramatically. Made of powdercoated steel and less than a pound of extra mass on the nose of the car, they're cheap insurance. Easy to install whether you're doing a sway bar swap or not. Works with all sway bars that have at least 10mm clearance radially from the center of the lower stud holding the sway bar bracket - it would be unusual to have a fitment issue, but it's possible if you have an especially unique setup. 

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