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Paco Motorsports Strong Arms

Paco Motorsports Strong Arms

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The suspension on your Miata is cantilevered out from the front bulkhead. These braces reinforce the frame horns that support the engine and transfer all of the cornering and road impact loads into the rest of the chassis. This means that you'll get less flexing and cowl shake, especially when running stiff springs and/or high torque engines.

Frog Arms were the first product that worked along these lines, but they're no longer available. We took that as an opportunity to improve the design and increase the stiffness without changing the price. We extended the arms further forward and added a third dimension to the shape for maximum rigidity. Clever design keeps the weight to a minimum - only 6 lbs per side. Made of High Strength Low Alloy steel.

Sold in pairs. Simple bolt-on installation. Fits NA and NB Miatas. Black powdercoat.

As it sits behind the shock tower brace, it should not adversely affect crumple zone performance.



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Emissions do not apply.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Best chassis-bracing mod you can make for NA/NB

I have installed these on two NBs now (NB1 and NB2) and they are transformative to steering sharpness and overall front-end stability. They are even more beneficial than the Butterfly brace with frame rails (in my opinion - subjective of course). Amplifies the benefit of any other suspension investment (coilovers, sways, etc.). Relatively simple install. Highly recommended.

Great mod

These are very good. Reduced a lot of front noise/vibration and makes the car feel very planted.
My kit was missing the M6 Washers though, so I had to scrounge some from around the garage. No biggie for me, but something to keep an eye out for.

out of all the mods I have done this has to be in my top 3 must haves for any Miata owner

I have a 2001 Miata that I have put many thousands of dollars of mods into. This is the first time I have made a review as well because I was that impressed. It is imidiately noticeable. It really makes the front end feel much more solid, tighter, more responsive, and the biggest benefit for me is the reduction in NVH and better ride quality. The front suspension just soaks up the bumps now instead of flexing and shaking the front of the car. If I did it again I would do these, suspension, and sway bars. These are the 3 best mods you can do to a Miata imo.


These are really good. Be careful passenger side wires. The metal you still catches the bit and it doesn't take much the nic the wires. I placed a metal plate between them. Don't forget your washers like I did cause I'm dumb. These fender braces did wonders though. Tightened up the front tons. FM saves the day again.

If you want to sharpen up your steering, these work

I recently bought a new (to me) NA. I'm comparing a 94 NA with 80k miles with a 95 NA with 160k miles and the Paco Strong Arms.

Steering feels much more direct and the car feels much more planted around corners.