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Stage 8 locking turbo hardware (8mm)

Stage 8 locking turbo hardware (8mm)

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These Stage 8 locking nuts are a brilliant design. Tighten up the nut as usual, then slip the locking tab over top and use the C-clip to hold it. Voila, a nut that cannot possibly loosen. If you need to remove it, pop the clip off and remove the tab. Simple, effective, and reusable. We recommend this hardware on the turbo-to-manifold studs for any Miata that sees track use. Includes enough hardware to do four studs. That`s appropriate for one turbo. These M8x1.25mm fasteners are the correct size for our turbo hardware. 

Upgrade to the complete kit with Inconel studs if you want the strongest setup - highly recommended and standard on our turbo kit. 

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