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Stage 2 reinforcement kit for front sway bar mount, ND

Stage 2 reinforcement kit for front sway bar mount, ND

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ND Miatas can actually rip their sway bar mounts off the subframe under hard cornering with uprated sway bars. The fix is a new subframe. That's an expensive repair!

So when do you need this kit? The conservative answer is "when you upgrade to stiffer sway bars." The longer answer is that if you have stiffer springs (like our FM springs), you'll probably be fine with the stock stuff. But why risk it?

We offer a bolt-on reinforcement bracket that works with all sway bars, but this is a significant step up - for maximum strength, we've incorporated our billet sway bar brackets. You need sway bar brackets anyhow, why not make them structural?

The reinforcements weigh less than a pound and are an easy install. The billet sway bar brackets bolt on like normal ones, but add an extra bolt in shear to tie into the sway bar brace.

Bolt-on installation with no welding. Not compatible with other sway bar brackets. Works with FM sway bars and bushings only.




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Customer Reviews

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Easy Install

These were an easy install. I was astounded how thin the metal on the Miata subframe is at the sway bar mounts. The price of lightweight design. The subframe was designed for a light sway bar.

The extra beefy front Flyin’ Miata sway bar no doubt puts more stress on this location than it was. designed for . The small weight penalty paid to strengthen this area makes sense, especially while I am still running stock springs. The added piece of mind for long service life even after I add stiffer springs is a plus.

Revision to previous review

Yeah I see the link to instructions right in the product description now. I’m blind and my apologies.

Trust us, we've all been there!

No instructions included or videos online

These are really beefy and give me confidence that I will not destroy my subframe from some of the extreme cornering that I do nearly every weekend. They would have gotten 5 stars, but these did not ship with any installation instructions and I was unable to locate any online. I figured it out, but it would be nice to have the instructions included for peace of mind considering how critical these are to get correct. Also fyi getting the top nut tightened is REALLY a pita since the brackets are beefier than stock. Nothing can be done about that but beware it’s a tight fit to get a wrench on them.

Instructions for this, as with all of our products that have instructions, can be found under 'instructions' on the product's page on our website. Your shipment should've included a card with a QR code pointing you to this, and your emailed invoice should've also included a link to the instructions. We don't currently have a video for it, though.