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Spiked Performance shift knob

Spiked Performance shift knob

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Striking a great middle cost between our Delrin shift knob and our Cravenspeed shift knob, this one has the same general shape as our Delrin knob but is taller (100mm / 4") and has a smaller diameter ball (42mm / 1.65"). The extra height makes it a bit closer to the wheel, but more importantly, it increases the leverage over the shifter and decreases the effort to shift. The smaller diameter makes it similar to the stock NA and NB knobs, but with a definite improvement in feel. The threads (M10x1.25) are deep enough in the knob to ensure that the ugly shift lever won't be exposed - all you'll see is shift knob or shift boot. CNC-machined out of aluminum for long life and great looks (do be careful when it's especially hot or cold out). 

This is designed and produced by our friends at Spiked Performance. Flyin' Miata is now the exclusive distributor for their Miata products! 

Weight (oz) Height (in) Weight (g) Height (mm)
NA/NB stock 6.5 oz 2.875"  184 g  73 mm
NC stock 8.1 oz 2.875"  230 g  73 mm
ND stock 10.7 oz 2.75"  303 g  70 mm
FM Cravenspeed 10.8 oz 2.57"  306 g  65.3 mm
FM Delrin 5.5 oz 3.125"  156 g  79.5 mm
FM Spiked 5.3 oz 4.0"  150 g  100 mm