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Spiked Performance NA/NB hood louvers

Spiked Performance NA/NB hood louvers

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Hood louvers (or hood vents) are great for evacuating air from underhood - this decreases front end lift, but it also decreases the pressure behind your radiator. Which means that air can flow through it more freely, which can dramatically improve your engine's cooling abilities. So hood louvers are great from a functional standpoint. However, different people have different aesthetic preferences and budget constraints - these louvers hit a great middle ground of good functionality with a great price. They're specifically designed for NA and NB Miatas, so you don't have to cut any hood bracing. They're also pre-bent (easy!) and powder-coated a satin black so they won't fade with heat. Plus, they have an integrated Gurney flap to improve the low pressure area above the vents and promote more airflow. Naturally, they include rivets and a vinyl template for easy installation. 

These are designed and produced by our friends at Spiked Performance. Flyin' Miata is now the exclusive distributor for their Miata products!