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Spiked Performance NA/NB fender vents

Spiked Performance NA/NB fender vents

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Like our Left Lane fender vents (or louvers), these are designed to evacuate some of that turbulent air from your front wheel wheels. Doing so will get you improved brake and engine cooling, lower tire temps, and generally improve airflow around the car. These are a different take on the same idea, as they're located on top of the wheel well as opposed to behind it. 

Also like the LL fender vents, these are made from laser-cut, powder-coated, pre-bent aluminum, and include rivets and vinyl templates for easy installation. Both a left and a right vent for the front fenders are included. 

These might also work with other cars that have similar size wheels / wheel well. Be sure there's a large enough flat (ish) area for the vent - we can only guarantee fitment on (stock-bodied) NA and NB Miatas. 

These are designed and produced by our friends at Spiked Performance. Flyin' Miata is now the exclusive distributor for their Miata products!