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Speed Bleeders

Speed Bleeders

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Make bleeding your brakes easy! Speed Bleeders replace your original bleed screw and let you service your brakes without the need for a helper.

How do you use them? Just crack them loose, attach a hose, and pump away. An internal check valve will let fluid and air escape but won't let any air back into the system. When you're done, just snug them up again.

Sold in pairs. Stock calipers use one Speed Bleeder, so you'll need one pair for each end of the car. Wilwood and ND Brembo calipers use two per caliper, so you will need one pair for each corner. The exception is the current six-piston Dynapro 6A, which has only one bleeder. Please look at your calipers if you are unsure.

NA/NB/NC clutch slave cylinders use the NA/NB rear stock caliper bleeders, M7x1.0 thread. Bear in mind that they're only sold in pairs, so you'll end up with an extra bleeder. 

Note that the ND slave cylinder uses a completely different style of bleeder and no Speed Bleeder will work with it.

Available options.

NA/NB/NC front stock calipers, M8x1.0 thread
NA/NB rear stock calipers, M7x1.0 thread
ND front stock calipers (Brembo and stock), M10x1.0 thread
NC/ND rear stock calipers, M8x1.25 thread
Wilwood caliper (front or rear), 1/4-28 thread

Customer Reviews

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Joshua R.
Great for Brakes - Use Caution for Clutch

'92 NA6 Miata -
The Speed Bleeders work awesome for the brakes, both front and rear. Make sure you clean the threads in your caliper really well first as the bleeders will shear if overtorqued due to binding (I learned this the hard way). The softer metal in the speed bleeder does make it easy to tap out if you shear it.

My only complaint is the use of the NA/NB rear bleeder in the clutch slave cylinder. I had to replace my slave cylinder so this may be an aftermarket part issue but neither the front or rear speed bleeders fit. The M7 rear bleeder was too loose and leaked and the M8 front bleeder was too tight and wouldn't thread properly. I tested both the original bleed valve and the speed bleeder in a thread pitch tool and both match so why the speed bleeder had issues with threading I'm not sure.

Too much thread sealer

Unlike the photos, the actual bleeders come with a caked on paste thread sealer. This makes installation difficult. It takes enormous force to overcome the caked on sealer. Unlike the stock bleeders, it is hard to know when the bleeder is fully seated, so they leak until you jam them all the way in. Stick with the stock tried and true bleeders.

Note from FM: The thread sealer needs to be there to ensure that the brake fluid comes through the bleeder, as opposed to around the threads, when the brakes are being bled. We haven't run into an issue with too much thread sealant before, but it's possible.

Chris R.
your wife no longer has to worry about you asking for help

Bleeding brakes is never a truly difficult thing to do, but it is always easier to do with a helper. You can use a Mityvac but nothing is easier then using these speed bleeders. Just replace the stock ones and then add a piece of tube to a container, loosen slightly and then just pump the brakes yourself. No more eye rolling when you ask your wife to help you with the "pump it up and hold it down job" get these you won't regret it.

Captain F.
Where have you been all my life?!

These swap in so quickly that there is very, very little brake fluid leakage. To say they make bleeding your brakes easy would be like saying water is wet. I'm now searching for similar ones for my other cars. Like everything at FM, quickly shipped and do exactly what they say they would.

Speed up bleeding

Work as expected so far. Pump away with no helper or worrying about any air in the system. On the ND front Brembo set, I noticed one of the 4 was letting fluid back into the valve, but Flyin' Miata's excellent customer service helped with a replacement. One thing to note with both the stock valves and these (NC/ND rear), the usual 8mm wrench felt kind of loose, but a 5/16" fits nice and snug to avoid potential rounding. Same note for the ND front Brembos, a 7/16" wrench fits much better than a 12mm, especially for the higher 120 in-lbf tightening torque.